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    I've seen Zulu and The Bridge on the River Kwai, not to mention Cross of Iron, and they are amazing films that outclass stuff like Saving Private Ryan imho. Anything prior to the 80s and 90s would be fine.

    Can anyone else recommend films, particularly older ones, that you have found good?

    A list of older Films I have seen.

    -All Quiet on the Western Front
    -Seven Samurai
    -The Bridge on the River Kwai
    -Cross of Iron

    Cheers, Wayfarer
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    Apocalypse now
    Good morning Vietnam
    Patton ;)
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      Great Thread!

      Here are a few, I have a couple hundred of them --

      The Young Lions (VG)
      Aerial Gunner
      D-Day (VG)
      The Longest Day (EX)
      Guns of Naverone (VG)
      Force 10 From Naverone
      What Price Glory? (VG)
      Hell is for Heroes
      The Bridges at Toko-Ri (EX)
      Lawrence of Arabia (VG)
      The Red Badge of Courage (VG)
      The Great Escape (EX)
      IKE (VG)
      The Beast (EX)
      Escape from Sobibor (VG)
      Sink the Bismark (EX)
      The Battle of Britain (EX)
      A Bridge Too Far (EX)
      Operation Crossbow (EX)
      The Desert Rats (VG)
      McArthur (VG)
      The Enemy Below (VG)
      Torpedo Run (VG)
      The Desert Fox (VG)
      King Rat (VG)
      A Wing and a Prayer
      War Hunt
      Operation Pacific (EX)
      Hellcats of the Navy (VG)
      Your in The Navy Now (VG)
      Away All Boats (EX)
      Three Came Home
      They Were Expendable (EX)
      633 Squadron (VG)
      The Lost Battalion (EX)
      In Harms Way (EX)
      Mosquito Squadron (VG)
      Up Periscope (VG)
      Paths of Glory (EX)
      The Hunters
      Heaven Knows Mr Allison
      Pretty Village, Pretty Flame (VG)
      Objective Burma (VG)
      The Bridge at Remagan (EX)
      Sailor of the King (VG)
      PT 109 (VG)
      Von Ryan's Express (VG)
      Andersonville (EX)
      The Last Days of Patton (VG)
      Operation Peticoat ;)
      Ensign Pulver (VG)
      Das Boot (EX)
      The Sea Chase (EX)
      Never So Few (VG)
      Operation Daybreak (EX)
      Mr Roberts ;)
      The Blue Max (VG)
      Ashes and Diamonds (VG)
      The Big Red One (VG)
      The Wall (VG)
      Tora! Tora! Tora! (EX)
      Midway (EX)
      The Battle of the Bulge (VG)
      None But the Brave (VG)
      30 Seconds Over Tokyo(VG)
      Across The Pacific(VG)
      Gallipoli (EX)
      Kelly's Heroes (VG) ;)
      Where Eagles Dare
      Guadalcanal Diary
      The Man Who Never Was (EX)
      Destination Tokyo
      The Train (VG)
      Father Goose ;)
      We Were Soldiers (EX)
      A Bright Shining Lie (EX)
      Full Metal Jacket (EX)
      Pork Chop Hill (VG)
      The Walls of Hell
      300 (VG)
      The Sea Wolves (VG)
      The Wind and the Lion (VG)
      13 rue madiline
      Farewell to Arms (VG)
      Sahara (Humphrey Bogart, 1943) (VG)

      Legend (IMHO)
      (VG) Very Good
      (EX) Excellent - the best in this list
      ;) Funny

      If you only choose one -> The Man Who Never Was
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        The Thin Red Line. Terence Malik. No other movie matters!!


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          Let's not forget: To Hell And Back and SGT YORK, two oldies but goodies.


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            Old movies exhilarating and wonderful ^^


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              Personal favourites I haven't seen listed...The Bedford Incident,The Caine Mutiny,The Bridge,Battleground and Duel in the Pacific.


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                I just watched an old war movie last night on TV. Well, not exactly war but it did have some combat action near the end.

                This would be a good movie quiz as nobody on this board is old enough to have seen it when it first came out (including me).

                The star of the movie was the first movie celebrity to be made an Honorary member of the military unit he protrayed in the film. Also, opposed to most of his other movies, he wore absolutely no make up.

                Name him.

                The scenes aboard a Battleship was a real Battleship and the only one built on the west coast in its Name State.

                Name the Battleship

                If you can name those above questions, you can name the Movie that has become a catch phrase for about a century regarding the military unit it glorifies.
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                  I just watched the Bedford Incident on TCM, good movie, and was searching the internet to see what I could come up with about that movie and I found this thread. So since nobody has answered Rusty's questions, I did about 20 minutes of investigating and came up with the following answers to his movie quiz.

                  The movie was called 'Tell it to the Marines' filmed in 1926.
                  The actor Rusty asked about was Lon Chaney Sr, who died in 1930 at the young age of 47.
                  The battleship was the USS California which was later sunk at Pearl Harbor, raised and rebuilt, decommissioned in 1947 and scrapped in 1959, one year after I was born.

                  Hollywood Marines

                  Now that I look back at the year I was born, since I am a WWII buff, how many famous ships were sitting around at that time waiting to be scrapped. Ohhh that hurts.


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                    Though pushing your time envelope a bit, you really should check out "Das Boot". If you aren't familiar, it was made in the 80's and began life as a 6 hour mini-series on German TV. It was subsequently cut down about a 2 1/2 hour theatical release. It is, to my mind, the definitive submarine movie and an outsanding treatment of the Battle of the Atlantic, something that the movies seem to have largely overlooked, but was utterly critical to the European Theater. Its available on DVD and its well worth watching the full 6 hour version. I still watch it every couple of years when time permits.

                    Another favorite of mine is "In Harm's Way". Pure fiction but a darn good navy war movie and a great cast.



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                      I do have the DVD of Das Boot, I think it is an extended version, but have not seen the series, will have to check that out. And I have an extensive list of WWII and naval related movies like what USS Wisconsin listed. One that I enjoyed was The Enemy Below.


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                        Ken, by all means check out the full six hour version of Das Boot. I think you'll consider it to be some of the best six hours you have ever sent. I've never seen anything that captured the fact of the long periods of utter tedium, puncutated by moments of stark terror, as it does. Makes you really wonder how World War 2 submariners of all nations did it. Not just the terror of being depth charged, but even living for weeks or months on end in a small steel tube.

                        I love The Enemy Below. A true classic in my opinion. Robert Mitcum and Kurt Jurgens were spot on. And, if you enjoy wingy things (and who really doesn't?), The Battle of Brittain is a ripping good watch. (Heck, that movie is worth watching just for the scene in which Susannah York gets partially undressed is worth the whole movie, but then I'm a dirty old man!).




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                          Hard to compete with Whiskey's list as it covers the three off the top of my head,
                          Guns of Navaronne
                          A bridge too far
                          Where Eagles Dare

                          Even though you said older movies, i thougt The Hurt locker was a pretty good watch.

                          And there was one directed by clint eastwood called letters from iwo jima, for a change it tells the story from the perspective of the Japanese who fought it and is almost entirely in Japanese. So your gonna need the subtitles.
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                            Dave's World of War Movies

                            For those of you interested. I started a blog a while back and have some info on it for old war movies. Have in interview a friend of mine took time out to do with me, and interview with Ty Hardin* and several movie facts and tributes.

                            *this was tricky because he was not really interested but said he would answer questions given to him. I sent questions and he answered them. I posted the interview then sent me a very mean and angry email saying that he did not authorize the interview in that manor. But I have to admit that for almost a year I got email from to his actor buds and son all over the country once I got on his list. :Dancing-Banana:

                            Anyway, enjoy it and take it for what it's worth.


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                              Some that I haven't seen mentioned:

                              Zulu Dawn
                              Thirty Seconds over Tokyo
                              The Hunley
                              Damn the Defiant
                              The Lighthorsemen
                              Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N.