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WAB Community & Information
WAB Information Center
Site news & announcements; questions, complaints, and feedback can be made here.
Topics: 379 Posts: 9,850
Last Post: The Colonel is BACK
379 9,850
World Affairs Board Pub
A place for current affairs topics and chit-chat, whatever's on your mind.
Topics: 6,235 Posts: 111,296
Last Post: Random Thread
6,235 111,296
Double Edge
Reading Corner (48/1,814)
Movie & TV Room (224/3,205)
Modelers Corner (193/4,423)
Sports Bar (361/10,569)
Political & General Discussion
American Politics & Economy
Discussion of domestic federal, state, local politics & economy in the United States, and US foreign policy.
Topics: 2,842 Posts: 128,340
2,842 128,340
by JRT
International Politics
Political, non-military related topics from around the world.
Topics: 4,676 Posts: 96,458
4,676 96,458
International Economy
Discuss the markets, international trade, energy, and the current economic recession.
Topics: 2,941 Posts: 56,235
2,941 56,235
Science & Technology
Science, leading-edge technological advancement, computers, medicine etc.
Topics: 1,015 Posts: 19,032
1,015 19,032
Computer & Gadgets (154/2,609)
International Defense & Geopolitics Discussion
The Staff College
An academic forum for strategic and operational articles and reviews.
Topics: 289 Posts: 4,619
289 4,619
The Americas
Discussion of the geopolitical and security issues of the United States, Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean, and topics such as NAFTA, Mercosur, OAS, etc.
Topics: 182 Posts: 3,755
182 3,755
Europe and Russia
Geopolitical, security, and the relations of the nations of Europe & Russia
Topics: 1,401 Posts: 41,068
1,401 41,068
Topics: 3,528 Posts: 45,479
3,528 45,479
The Iranian Question (265/11,123)
Sub-Saharan Africa
Discussion of the geopolitical and security issues of the Nations of Sub-Saharan Africa.
Topics: 46 Posts: 682
46 682
Topics: 948 Posts: 20,014
948 20,014
East Asia and the Pacific
Geopolitics, security, and relations of the nations of the Pacific Rim, and the rise of China as a world power and the implications for the Pacific Rim region and the world.
Topics: 1,337 Posts: 34,840
1,337 34,840
International Defense and Terrorism Topics
Strategic affairs, defense topics, and military developments and terrorism from around the world.
Topics: 137 Posts: 7,450
137 7,450
by kato
Military Affairs & Equipment Discussion
The Field Mess
A forum for military service members to kick back and banter.
Topics: 685 Posts: 14,803
685 14,803
Ground Warfare
Discussion of infantry, armour, artillery; land warfare strategy, tactics, and doctrine.
Topics: 994 Posts: 33,952
994 33,952
Military Aviation
Discussion of all types of aircraft and air defense systems: fighters, bombers, multi-role, transport, radars, etc.
Topics: 1,799 Posts: 55,590
1,799 55,590
Naval Warfare
Surface & underwater warships, naval technology, & the discussion of naval strategy, tactics, & doctrine.
Topics: 1,945 Posts: 48,494
1,945 48,494
Battleships Board (362/14,943)
Small Arms and Personal Weapons
Discussion of small arms and light crew-served weapons.
Topics: 735 Posts: 23,337
735 23,337
History of International Relations & Conflict
What-if discussions
For all that history that did not happen
Topics: 62 Posts: 6,140
62 6,140
Ancient, Medieval & Early Modern Ages
From the advent of organized war through the end of the 19th century.
Topics: 489 Posts: 17,141
Last Post: The Very First War
489 17,141
by kato
American Civil War (84/3,135)
The World Wars
The introduction of mechanized land & air warfare, from Sarajevo to the fall of Japan.
Topics: 442 Posts: 16,638
442 16,638
Warfare in the Modern Age
Warfare in the age of mass media and terrorism, from Korea to Vietnam to the Middle East.
Topics: 172 Posts: 5,107
Last Post: The Fall of Saigon
172 5,107
by statquo