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    The Hunters
    PT 109 (VG)
    Gallipoli (EX)
    King Rat (VG)
    300 (VG)

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      Originally posted by calvinmark
      I old military movies are ok but not good. but 2012 year is good because the battleship movie is great and so entertaining.
      Dude! Please!
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        That's not Dude.
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          The mention of "Sgt York" brought back memories of my grandfather always yelling at the tube when that movie would come on. Using a few expletives, he would always rant about how it was so fabricated, wrong and factually incorrect! Then I learned a little later in life that my grandfather knew what he was saying as he was there! He was a Sgt in the same battles as York and just on the other side of the hill! His many medals, including his DSC were testament of his accurate assessment! There has always been and will always be that nasty little thing called "creative license"! A "good" war movie is one that brings you closer to what our people endured and sacrificed!