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30 Years ago today RIP Belushi

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  • 30 Years ago today RIP Belushi

    The 30th anniversary of John Belushi's death.

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    another one. looks like all the classic SNL skits age gone :(

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      Not just a comic talent, but also a musical one as well. Sad to see you leave us early, Jake.
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        Found 2 of my favorite

        This one was funny when it aired. But with him dying so young, its a bit creepy.
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          So what was your favorite bit of his as well as where were you when you heard he had died?

          My favorite bit was his Samurai Hotel Clerk with Richard Pryor.....honorable mention is Cuban Acupuncture with Desi Arnez on SNL.

          I was in my platoon CP when he I heard over AFN he had died.
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            Truly a comedic great. RIP
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              Greatly missed. Love this track, not least because of the quality of the band. Steve Cropper, 'Duck' Dunn, Matt Murphy & a killer horn section. Belushi was a born front man.


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                With A Little Help From His Friends

                Remarkable cover.
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                  Three decades??!! Suddenly I feel old. Belushi was one of the best.
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                    Originally posted by bonehead View Post
                    Three decades??!! Suddenly I feel old. Belushi was one of the best.

                    I know how you feel. If you ask the person in the street how long he's been dead I think very few would get near to 30 years.