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Thread: New Marine Corps Cuts Will Slash All Tanks, Many Heavy Weapons As Focus Shifts to Lig

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    New Marine Corps Cuts Will Slash All Tanks, Many Heavy Weapons As Focus Shifts to Lig

    This has been coming for some time, but it looks like the details of the new USMC force structure are being released. No more tanks, significant cuts to tube artillery to free up resources for long range fires, drones. They appear to be positioning themselves to be the forward deployed "inside the A2AD bubble" force that has been talked about. What do you think? Forward thinking? Or the beginning of the end for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children? I am personally quite interested in what a "Marine Littoral Regiment" will look like. Also, could they have possibly given it a name less associated with one of the most well known procurement disasters of recent times?

    The heaviest cuts, Benson said, come to aviation and heavy ground units.

    By the year 2030, the Marine Corps will see complete divestments of Law Enforcement Battalions, Tank Battalions and associated Military Occupational Specialties (MOS), and all Bridging Companies. Additionally, the Corps will reduce the number of infantry battalions from 24 to 21; artillery cannon batteries from 21 to 5; amphibious vehicle companies from 6 to 4; and reduce tilt rotor, attack, and heavy lift squadrons, he said.

    The service will also trim its F-35B and C Joint Strike Fighter squadrons, reducing them from 16 Primary Aircraft Authorized (PAA) to 10 per squadron.

    Additionally, the service will deactivate Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 264; Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 462; Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 469; Marine Wing Support Groups 27 and 37; 8th Marine Regiment Headquarters Company; and 3rd Battalion, 8th Marines. Additionally, 1st Battalion, 8th Marines will be realigned to 2d Marines; and 2nd Battalion, 8th Marines will be realigned to 6th Marines.
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