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Thread: chromed barrels

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    chromed barrels

    Is chromed barrel less accurate then not chromed, do military sniper rifles today have chromed barrels?

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    As far as I know, chromed barrels are more resistant to corrosives found in some powder and primers (like the Soviet and Chinese military stuff). They are more expensive too. But otherwise behave the same as a regular barrel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by omon View Post
    Is chromed barrel less accurate then not chromed, do military sniper rifles today have chromed barrels?
    Chrome plating the bore is primarily done to reduce fouling.

    Some sniper rifles have it, others do not.

    The M-21 NM barrel does not have a chrome bore, but the SVD does. The M-24 has a stainless steel barrel.

    Chrome-lining can definitely affect accuracy, which is why neither the M-21/25 or M-24 have it, though the M-14, M-16, and IIRC M-249 all do.


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    All of the above.

    Hard chroming adds corrosion resistance, reduces fouling and makes cleaning easier, and reduces erosion of the bore.

    If it's applied too heavy, or to a too-skinny barrel, it can flake, which is worse than no chroming at all. The barrel moves when you shoot the gun-the chroming won't move as much, since it's a lot harder.

    If it's done right, it shouldn't be detrimental to accuracy, but the thickness of the plating has to be taken into consideration when the rifling is broached during the manufacturing process.
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