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  • 2013 MLB season

    Well, spring training is officially open with the New York Mets defeating the Nationals in the first Grapefruit League game. Sign of things to come? We'll wait and see, but one can only hope...

    Some observations on what happened in the off-season:

    1) Pissed off as all hell that R.A. Dickey was traded away, especially after being perhaps the only thing that didn't bring us complete and total shame last season. Yeah, the trade might be better in the long run, but seeing Dickey in anything but a Mets jersey will suck.

    2) David Wright signed a 7 year contract, committing to the Mets until 2020. It's very rare that you see a player willing to commit and stay with one team, playing their whole career (or the vast majority of it) in the same jersey. Wright is one of the best third baseman in baseball, if not the best, and he keeps it up he will be a strong foundation and supporting block this season.

    3) On the other side of the diamond you have Ike Davis, who almost went through arbitration in the off season and ended up scoring himself a coupla-three million. Although his first coupla seasons were iffy, the second half of last season showed what a power player Davis can be. Davis showed up early for spring training, and if you ask him is entirely over the ankle injury and the Valley Fever that plagued him last season. If he does this season what he did after the All Star break last season, he has the potential to be the cleanup hitter the Mets need and have been waiting for. Not only that, the Wright-Davis combo in on third and first can help ailing pitchers, providing a strong defense.


    4) There still is a lot of work that needs to be done. There is no one that can play second base or shortstop to match the caliber of Davis and Wright, and will therefore hold back what might otherwise be a very strong infield.

    5) Our outfield is OK. Not great, but not horrible. There is young blood in Kirk Nieuwenhuis, and Duda and Valdespin are not bad, but Nieuwenhuis is the only dedicated outfielder, the other two are all-around "fill the gap" players that play several positions in both the outfield and infield, which leaves something to be desired.

    6) The bullpen. Every year we try, and every year it's our bullpen that lets us down. If there one thing that needs work, more than anything else, it's the bullpen. Dillon Gee, Matt Harvey and Jonathan Niese were all average last season, and even No-han Santana's no-hitter last season was merely a glitch in a less than stellar pitching season. Our relievers aren't much better, frequently failing to come in and secure the win. What with the Dickey trade, maybe we'll see some improvements, I'd sure like to hope that we got some good prospects in return for a Cy Young winner, but again, only time can tell.

    And that's it for me. As I do every year, I pin my hopes on the Mets, and have them dashed to pieces by September. But we dust ourselves off, get back up again and give it another shot. Seems kinda Charlie Brown-esque, doesn't it?

    So, to the rest of the Americans on WAB: Who's your team, and how do you like their prospects this year?
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    Originally posted by bigross86 View Post
    So, to the rest of the Americans on WAB: Who's your team, and how do you like their prospects this year?
    Not a Yank, but I root for the White Sox. Ventura's second year at the helm. The team is still rebuilding and bit slow on the bases, but good defensively. Offensively, the Sox are better than average. A decent starting five but a suspect bullpen. IMO, on the upswing but there's not enough there yet to seriously challenge the Tigers for the Central division crown.


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      Go Jays!