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    Hey ,Yanks , look we have another world champ , not the horizontal one neither , i must admit tho , i thought Ivan the terrible would have been too big for him , but heyho well done David who slew Goliath , a bit like when Lewis knocked the crap out of Tyson ,just goes to show , it aint the size of the man in the fight , its the size of the fight in the man .

    "Congratulations to David Haye for his superb, courageous and determined performance in Germany last night to win the WBA Heavyweight crown -- Britain's first heavyweight champion for six years," Brown said.

    Haye scored a majority decision verdict on Saturday night after taking the 2.13m tall, 143kg Valuev the full twelve-round distance, using his superior speed to stay away from the Russian's close-range punches.

    The press also heaped praise on the country's latest sporting hero who becomes the first Briton to hold a world heavyweight crown since Lennox Lewis retired in 2003.

    "Haye made a mockery of Valuev's seven-stone advantage to box the giant Russian's ears off to claim the WBA crown in one of the great nights in British boxing.

    "British sport has a new superstar to rival Wayne Rooney and Jenson Button and the world is Haye's oyster after this magnificent display."

    On the same lines, the Mail on Sunday wrote: "David Haye slew the giant last night and became a colossus in the eyes of British sports fans.

    "In amazing scenes in Germany the 29-year-old Londoner gave a masterclass of boxing skill to snatch the WBA world heavyweight title away from Nikolai Valuev, the giant Russian whom the doubters thought would be too big for him.

    "Derided as a big mouth, Haye proved beyond doubt that in the ring he is a class act, making the lumbering 7ft 2in man from St Petersburg look like a clumsy novice as he danced his way to a points victory."

    The Observer praised Haye's skill in prevailing despite a damaged right hand picked up earlier in the fight.

    " ... David Haye performed a 12-round magic act, most of it with a damaged hand, that bamboozled Nikolai Valuev and won the Londoner the WBA heavyweight title," the newspaper wrote.

    "Haye will make close to one million pounds from this one," the newspaper estimated. "Down the road, if he beats (John) Ruiz, he will be looking for considerably more than that as he pursues the other world champions, Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko."

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    Brings to mind Primo Carnera who lost to champions Max Baer and Joe Louis, men of smaller stature.


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      One of the Klitchsko brother's has already openly said he can beat him. I'd definitely watch that fight.


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        Thats exactly what Haye is angling for , a scrap with one o them ,,, bring it on , but not for a while tho as Haye bust his hand on the russians head .


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          I managed to see a bit of the fight, Valuev looked big but every time Hayes hit him he looked like a loose bag of bones. I've never seen someones facial structure move as much except in cartoons.
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            Originally posted by Parihaka View Post
            I've never seen someones facial structure move as much except in cartoons.
            A tad like Tankie chewing a wasp:))


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              If he boxes in the US it is expected he will earn 72 Million Quid.

              BBC SPORT | Boxing | Haye bound for prime-time defence


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                Anyone going to check out the Manny Pacquio vs Cotto fight tonight?

                I'll be watching UFC for sure, its airing from the UK tonight ;) On Spike Tv... UFC is airing well before boxing begins.


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                  Originally posted by dave lukins View Post
                  A tad like Tankie chewing a wasp:))
                  Oh how preeeeeeedictable :))


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                    Khan is fighting tomorrow night and if he wins he has a poss match with Ricky Hatton WTF IS GOING ON HERE


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                      I think Klitshko is a taller order than valulev,

                      Being in Germany we get all the Klitschko fights,many have been against third rate opposition and there was the mysterious injury to hays.

                      klitschko then went to box a better number who´s fight happend also to be cancelled because of injury. I know the hays injury was a lie,he was running and sparring although he was injured.


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