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  • Looking for a Good book on...

    the evolution and history of policing.

    How did we go from guardsman, to night watchmen, to constables, to cops?

    Anyone know of a good place to start?

    I've always been curious.


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    Policing in Modern Society Policing in Modern Society: Books: Bruce L. Berg


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      Don't think I'm trying to be funny here, but years ago I was greatly impressed with 'The English Executioner' (sorry, can't remember the author). He started with the Norman invasion where the barons were given Shires to hold. Obviously the baron couldn't do it all by himself so he had what in effect were his deputies known as Reeves. They were the Shire Reeves. The language changes over time and thus by simple contraction you get 'Sheriff' today. Executioners were to carry out (or execute) the punishments of the courts. These were anything to slitting or perforating the septum right up to capital punishment. I seem to remember the book mentions Bow Street runners and the reforms which brought the Police Act which appears to have been copied by most modern countries.:)
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