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What books did you read this year?

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    Originally posted by THL;318635
    Oil: Anatomy of an Industry [/B](Matthew Yeomans)
    (I have read this one a few times - my life is boring)

    The Color of Oil: The History, the Money and the Politics of the World's Biggest Business (Economides and Oligney)
    Have you ever read the The Prize by Daniel Yergin?

    A book called Cat & Mouse: A Delicious Tale which is a disturbing story of a friendly duo until one day when a monkey gives the cat a book on how to cook mouse. Cat has to go away to avoid eating his friend, but mouse goes off and finds cat and they become friends again. The last page of the book hints on cat's desire to still eat mouse. Yes, folks, this is a kids book. I still remember the first time I sat down to read this to the little one after we brought it home. I had to keep stopping to absorb what I was reading. I now buy NO book for the child w/o looking through it first as this has become one of her favorites.
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