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Uss Fargo Cl-106, my grandpa's cruiser

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  • Uss Fargo Cl-106, my grandpa's cruiser

    Displacement: 10,000 long tons
    Length: 611 feet, 2 inches
    Width: 66 feet, 6 inches
    Draft: 20 feet
    Speed: 33 knots
    Crew: 992
    Guns: 12 6 inch and 12 5 inch
    Class: Fargo

    Picture of USS Fargo at sea.

    April 15, 1946 overhead view of the Fargo clearly showing single stack design. Excellent detail shot.

    April 15, 1946 port quarter view of the Fargo clearly showing single stack design.

    I don't think he was on this one....

    In 1946 my grandpa was transferred from a landing craft (not those small ones, kind of a misnomer) to the USS Fargo, he manned the 6 inch guns, and has hearing loss today from that! Two hearing aids in each ear and you still have to repeat yourself 5 times so he can hear you :D

    In 1946 the U.S.S. Fargo took a goodwill tour of South America with Vice Admiral Bieri onboard. While on the Fargo he went to Turkey, Lebanon, Greece, Italy, France, Tunisia, and Algeria.

    On June 3, 1946 the USS Fargo went to Trieste when Yugoslavia obstructed the Allied Military Government in place at the time.

    It was also anchored one mile off the coast of Beirut during some conflict, either the Arab-Israeli war or some earlier conflict, I'll have to ask him. He said he watched the fighting in the city through a telescope.
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