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Spitfire pilot sees his own crash-landing

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  • Spitfire pilot sees his own crash-landing

    A neat little short from the Sundance film festival. Spitfire in U.S. markings...

    WWII pilot gets shown footage of his 1944 Spitfire crash that he's never seen until now. [VIDEO]

    Now the MAIN question - this Spit flew from the U.K., loitered over Berlin for 1/2 hour, and returned home with adequate fuel. I did not believe this was possible. They did remove the guns, and replaced that volume with 2 addn'l fuel tanks, but their size couldn't be that great. I guess it was enough to do the job. :)

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    The spit could carry an ventral slipper tanks of differing capacities of either 30,45 or 90 UK gals plus a max of 130 UK gals. I could picture him with a small tank on his knees, he would need that to reach into Germany, if he was flying at the Spit's most economical flying speed.
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