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Best Bond song ever

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    Have to agree on Goldfinger. Also worth remembering...


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      (before I get into this, I stopped watching Bond when Daniel Craig took over; that's not my Bond, so that music isn't included here)

      Best Bond Theme Song? That's a toughie.

      Let's take from the simplest first. Best opening theme that's not messed up by its lyrics....essentially because it doesn't have any. "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". That theme ROCKS of an action move!

      Best opening theme that is a good theme through out the entire movie? "The Man With The Golden Gun". As a sung song, it's not that great, but as a lyricless piece, it can be used for the love theme, for "charging the castle", it can be used through out. Alice Cooper's version may have been a better sung song, but it couldn't be used for the theme music through out the movie. Both OHMSS and Live and Let Die make good action theme, they are quite chilling when used like that, but it is questionable to whether or not they could be used for the love theme.

      So what's the best sung song? Probably LaLD........when done by Wings. It POSITIVELY SUCKS when done by Guns & Roses.

      But what's the easiest to sing? "Thunderball". Not many lyrics, easy to follow and remember, slow enough to be able to focus on what one is doing, especially if one is singing without a band.......and yes, I have had to sing it.

      But what song would be the funniest to sing, be an absolute thrill? It would probably be "No One Does It Better" but two things. First of all, that's how the song tunes to me, between the lyrics I can get into, the energy I can pour into the song, and the energy I would have to put out to do it. "Thunderball" is an Improv song, done off the bat; "Nobody...." is something I would have to focus, prep, practice for.

      But secondly, to get up there and do any song, like you're Jack Jones outside the asylum walls in "Airplane II", get up there, jump into action, and knock their socks off with your choice, is a RUSH!