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Naval warfare: the Russian style

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  • Naval warfare: the Russian style

    Some details:

    Battle off the coast of Abkhazia, 2008

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    1.Real hot in there.
    2.One could read the rank by looking at the belly
    3.everything starts working after you slam a couple of fists in it.
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      РТР. Морской бой между Россией и Грузией :: Вы смотрите канал: Vymorkov :: :: Видео на RuTube -

      In Russian but very interesting animation of the battle - owch
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        Mihais Reply

        "...One could read the rank by looking at the belly..."

        I was thinking the same thing. Guy in glasses was the man. His chief underling was the guy pounding on the console.

        Did I see rope lying in the passageways? Guard rails on deck were an invitation for man overboard drills.

        Not sure what to think of the SAM missile system. Functioning? Well...sorta, I suppose. Dockside citizens beware.
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