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Crime shows on TV!!!!!

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  • giggs88
    I HATE Law and Order. Just HATE it.

    I love Monk though. I can't wait for the new season to start.

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  • ChrisF202
    - Walker: Texas Ranger
    - In the Heat of the Night
    - CSI
    - Forensic Files
    - History's Crimes and Trials
    - Perfect Crimes
    - COPS

    And to answer your question:

    COPS is staged in away (they always have more officers off camera, no way they can get backup in seconds like that) and they also never film with agencies with less then 1,000 officers so its not an accurate view of police work. It also leaves out the hours of paperwork they have to do for an arrest.

    I have heard mixed reviews on CSI and if it helps criminals or not. Most US law enforcement agencies lack a CSI type division. Ill try and find an article I read about this.
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  • Commando
    started a topic Crime shows on TV!!!!!

    Crime shows on TV!!!!!

    Im not to sure on television in other countries. But Australian television is full of crime shows for hours each night on each network. Such shows as
    -Law and order and Law and Order SVU
    -Crime Scene Investigation
    -CSI Miami
    -Forensic investigators
    -Real life murders.

    The list just goes on. Are crime shows popular in your countries television?

    My pesonal belief is that these shows shouldn't be on television:
    a/ they pollute our minds
    b/ show ways to outsmart the police and get away with crimes.