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NBC's "E-Ring"

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  • NBC's "E-Ring"

    I realize this post may not be unique and is a bit late, but did anyone happen to watch "E-Ring" last week?

    I thought it was decently entertaining with the only part that really bugged me being the scene at the end when the sun seems to set in the east. In order to setup the scene: The girl was supposed to be in China, and she is looking out over the water towards the setting sun. I immediately took it that the sun was setting in the east (indicating that it was filmed in California). However, is there, say, a peninsula near Shanghai where you could look out to the west over the sea (towards the mainland) and see the sun set with no land on the horizon?

    Let me know if this question doesn't make sense. I could be giving the producers too much credit with this one. The truth is that they were probably just too lazy to realize it. It is one of those things that has been bugging me.

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    I guess NBC really is hurting...


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      For the handful of people that have looked at this:

      In the IMDB forums, someone said that it is possible to look out to the west over a gulf and see the sun set. Hmmm...