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    I can't believe somebody hasn't already started a thread for this . . . . . .

    Really looking forward to this movie, looks like it'll probably be my favorite movie of 2012. Coming out in theaters this Friday, 2/24. Would appreciate any comments/crticism from anybody who gets to see it this weekend . . . . . .

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    Good movie. My wife, son and I watched it on opening night. We all liked it. The SEALS did a great job in the movie and the actors did a good job too. The audience seemed "wow'ed" by the whole thing.
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      Force Spéciale , French version of Act of Valor
      __________________________________________________ _________________________

      Afghanistan. War on Terrorism.
      6 operators of French Special Forces (COS = Commandement des operations spéciales) are dispatched on an operation to free a female war correspondent (played by Diane Kruger, a german actress) who was taken hostage by a Taliban cell led by Zaief (played by Raz Degan), a brutal terrorist.
      In some of the world's most breathtaking yet hostile landscapes, a relentless pursuit begins between her kidnappers who have no intention of letting their prey escape them and these elite soldiers of French COS who risk their lives in pursuit of their single aim -- to bring her home alive.
      This strong, independent woman and these men of duty are thrown together and forced to confront situations of great danger that inextricably bind them -- emotionally, violently and intimately...


      I have watched this film on DVD.
      A good film about Special Forces – but not spectacular or WOW-effect in comparison to Act of Valor

      Excusez-moi, mes WAB-amis francaises ....:)