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Review: Cowboys & Aliens

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  • gunnut
    I don't know what it is about girls in a dress wearing a 6-shooter....
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  • Albany Rifles
    Saw it yesterday afternoon (love the $6.50 matinee prices!) and I have to say damn fine movie. It had enough of the familiar western to be very good and then the whole alien bit to get wrapped up in....very good.

    I'd give it about 8.5 out of 10.

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  • YellowFever
    Another solid review by gunnut.

    The movie was one of the most enjoyable movie I've seen this summer (which, quite honestly, isn't saying that much).

    The movie did offer just enough twists and turns to keep me and the missus interested and Craig was damn good in this role.

    Was pleasantly surprised. Hated the trailer but the movie was actually worth the 16 bucks each hat I paid for the ticket.
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  • Dago
    Probably should put "Spoiler Alert" or the use of spoiler tags. ;)



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  • gunnut
    started a topic Review: Cowboys & Aliens

    Review: Cowboys & Aliens

    I did not watch this movie on opening night...oh the shame....of watching it on the 2nd night of release...

    The movie starts out with Daniel Craig's character waking up in the middle of the American wild west, with a stab wound, no shoes, raggeddy clothes, and a strangely futuristic wrist band on his left wrist. He "found" some clothes and boots along the way and made it to the nearest town by the name of "Absolution."

    This town is the archtypical town in a western movie. There was the town preacher, the bartender, bartender's wife, the sheriff and his deputies, guys who duck behind water troughs during gun fights, and the town bully. The bully picked on the bartender and the rest of the town. Daniel Craig's character (we wouldn't find out his name until later) didn't care for the bully's attitude and kneed him in the groin. We found out Craig's character was a real tough customer early in the movie. We had no idea why though. He couldn't remember his name nor his past. He was "the man with no name."

    The movie drew the audience further and further into what appeared to be a regular western movie. Little frontier's town, bad hygiene, dirt roads, some wooden shacks as store fronts and houses, gritty characters, and a lot of close-ups at the faces of the characters to show how rugged and gritty they were.

    Olivia Wilde's character showed up, trying to befriend Craig's character. She was in this Sunday dress with a wheelgun in a crossdraw holster. She looked so hot in that scene. She's not bad looking, but the dress (don't see them often these days) and the cross draw revolver just added so much flavor to her character. She claimed to know about Craig's past and they were both looking for the same thing. She wanted Craig to help her. At this point, the sheriff showed up at the saloon with a posse to arrest Craim, claiming that he was the wanted criminal Jake Lonergan (now we find out why he was so tough and ruthless).

    Jake was locked up in a cell next to the bully (who was arrested for accidentally shooting a deputy). He kept asking to be released or else his father (Harrison Ford) would come in and do something horrible to all those involved. These two were to be turned over to the county court for trial. The sheriff loaded them up in a paddy wagon. He wanted to get these two to the county before Woodrow Dolarhyde showed up to collect his son.

    Too late.

    Dolarhyde rode into town at night with his gang to get his son back. He threatened the sheriff (whom he placed here to facilitate his ranch business) to let his son go or else. A gun fight seemed inevitable between the sheriff and the Dolarhyde gang, with Lonergan locked up in the paddy wagon.

    Then aliens attack the town in their space ship!!!

    I mean WTF!!!

    I was just about to enjoy a typical western shoot 'em up movie and then flying saucers with plasma weapons attack the town, kidnapping people in the process.

    I will not reveal any more of the movie. Suffice to say this is a thoroughly enjoyable movie for the summer. Aliens and futuristic technology shows up every time the audiences settles down into the "western mode." The strong contrast between two completely different genre melded into the same movie is a very refreshing experience. The plot is simple. The characters are simple. Harrison Ford adds to the movie what Sean Connery added to "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," a veteran actor supporting the lead, providing a strong backdrop yet not overpower him.

    I would rate this movie a solid 8 out of 10.
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