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Review: Captain America, The First Avenger

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  • Review: Captain America, The First Avenger

    I went to see this movie the first night of release. No 3D or Imax this time. I thought those are gimmicks anyways.

    Captain America is the last movie to be released before "The Avengers" comes out in the summer of 2012. The Avengers will feature Captain America, Ironman, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and the Hulk.

    This movie was pretty straight forward. It tried its best to follow the original storyline of Captain America back in the 1940s.

    Steven Rogers was a feisty young man, never backing down from a fight. However he was of slight build, and that's being generous, often getting beat up by bullies. He had a good heart and could think outside the box. He wanted to enlist in the army to fight for the country, but his health problems prevented him from serving.

    Dr. Abraham Erskine offered Steve Rogers an experimental procedure that would enhance his physical abilities, to make him a super solder, as a way of serving the country. Rogers gladly accepted. The procedure made Rogers into the perfect athlete, fast, strong, incredible hand-eye coordination, and even magnified his ability to place others before himself.

    Tommy Lee Jones played the crabby Army colonel who was the commanding officer of Captain America. He was at his best as a supporting actor, spouting a few well-timed lines that either lightened the mood, or enhanced it, depending on the situation.

    Hugo Weaving played the Red Skull, the main bad guy in Captain America storyline. It's just so cool to see Agent Smith from the Matrix given more screen time in a major movie. He looked so cool and calculating in his quest to rule the world. What followed was the typical fight between good and evil.

    This movie didn't have one of those complicated plots that spins the audience around. It's simple, straight forward, with some good fight scenes and retro-futuristic hardware. Many of the super weapons were actual designs from Nazi Germany in the 1940s. They never worked in real life, but they sure did with some movie magic.

    I loved the background of this movie. It was set entirely in WW2. It was a struggle between good and evil, with no shades of grey in between. Red Skull and his Hydra organization, a more sinister and outlandish version of the Nazi, were the main bad guys. In a way this was like G. I. Joe fighting against Cobra, but set in WW2.

    I would give this movie an 8 out of 10. It was entertaining, easy to follow, great background, and simply made the audience feel good. Above all, the script stuck to the original Captain America storyline. It didn't update it with some modern terrorist organization. It was Hydra led by Red Skull. It was about the scrawny kid who became a larger than life American hero.
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    I would agree with your assessment, although there were a few glaring issues that I didn't quite understand. The following section discusses what I saw as some plot issues at the end and how I think they could have been remedied. I would suggest reading them only if you've watched the movie and/or the comics.

    All in all though, I thought it was a solid action film that did a good job keeping to the comic, as gunnut noted. (I watched the regular version as well so I can't speak to whether 3d/imax is worth it).


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      My only complaint in the movie is that the guy that played Capt. the Human Torch.....

      That's blasphemy!

      Who is he going to play when they eventually make the Fantastic Four vs. The Avengers movie.

      Pretty nice review for a Marvel scum, gunnut.


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        Nice will catch it when it comes out here. Haven't been to the flicks in a long time.

        Its amazing what CGI has done to bring these characters out of the comic books i grew up with.

        Ones i liked so far were spiderman, the new batman & x-men series these ones had nice plots.

        hulk, fantastic four, daredevil, ghost rider, catwoman in the next category and more or less ok.

        No flash or aquaman yet.

        When will they do the Trigan epics.


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          Originally posted by Double Edge View Post
          When will they do the Trigan epics.
          Most likely, never.

          Marvel only makes movies of Marvel Comic characters (X-Men, Spiderman, Hulk, Capt. America...etc) and Warner Bros., being owners of DC comics, are only interested in making movies about DC characters (Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern...etc). Although Warner Bros. does tend to stray the path a little and also adopt non superhero characters from DC for some of their movies ("John Constantine", "Losers", "V for Vendetta" "The Watchmen"......etc)

          Trigan ain't in either stables so the only way it'l become a movie is if someone pitches it to the movie studios or if an executive in a movie studio is really a fanboy of it.


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            I gotta see it!! Another well written review GN!!


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              Gunnut you thought about writing reviews commercially?

              Going to the movies with a rabid nationalist libertarian free-marketeer (a compliment good sir!) ...I'm sure yellowbelly has some more ideas
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                Originally posted by Wayfarer View Post
                Gunnut you thought about writing reviews commercially?

                Going to the movies with a rabid nationalist libertarian free-marketeer (a compliment good sir!) ...I'm sure yellowbelly has some more ideas
                I thought about it but it probably won't get me too far.

                I only watch "cool" movies. I don't like those "critically acclaimed" movies. Most of them have plots so complicated and so unreal that I might as well just live real life and read the news.
                "Only Nixon can go to China." -- Old Vulcan proverb.