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  • Review: Green Lantern

    I saw this movie opening night on Friday. The ticket was $12.50 And Fandango charges $1.25 for handling fee.

    I was never a big DC comic fan and knew very little about Green Lantern, other than the weird name. Who the hell came up with "Green Lantern" as a name for a super hero?

    Anyways, the beginning of the movie was very good. It introduced the Green Lantern Corps to the audience, their greatest nemesis, Parallax, and Hal Jordan, the main protagonist.

    The concept was cool. An intergalactic police force watching over the universe to make sure terrible things don't happen. The outer space imagery was nice. These alien beings are so powerful that they travel the stars without the need of any machines. That's something we don't normally see in science fiction movies.

    Without giving too much away, I would like to say this movie had a very strong beginning. The introduction of the concept and to create a completely alien world occupied by advanced beings was a success. I was drawn into the storyline and the Green Lantern Corps concept.

    However, the movie suffered from trying to do too much. There's the super villain Parallax and a minor villain on earth. Green Lantern didn't get to do much on earth to establish his super hero credential. Parallax was easily defeated. The movie never convinced me, or even try to convince me, that Green Lantern was in any sort of danger.

    My friends and I agree that the movie would have been better had it taken place on earth more, fighting the minor villain with an expanded role for him, and establish Green Lantern with the population of earth. Save Parallax for future use.

    On a scale of 1 to 10, I would have to give it a 5. I was entertained, but disappointed at such a weak ending for a very promising beginning.
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