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  • Review: Priest

    I went to see the movie "Priest" on Saturday, in 3D no less. This movie was adapted from a Korean (I did not know that) comic (which I suspected since it had a comic book feel).

    The background reminded me a lot of Judge Dredd (movie, since I haven't read the comic). It's a dystopian world where humanity had retreated behind mega cities constructed by the Church to defend against the vampire hordes.

    These vampires aren't the suave count from Transylvania. These are blood thirsty creatures, more animal like than human, vicious and brutal. I wouldn't say they're evil though, since animals act more on instinct than intention.

    The background outside of the city was western like, with trains and kerosene lamps and frontiersmen. There was a lot of rather than horses. Judge Dredd had a motorcycle. I like western. I did not expect this movie to be part western so that was a bonus.

    The action sequence are very anime-ish, and very well done. I thought Paul Bettany was good. Maggie Q was the female lead.

    The story was simple. Plot was simple. There wasn't much character development. The selling point of the movie was the over the top action sequence.

    I was very entertained. It was better than I expected. This movie is for you if you want to kill 2 hours with some mindless violence and anime action sequences. Do not watch this movie if you want character development or a deep and intricate plot line or some philosophical discussions about the meaning of life. There ain't none.

    I would give it a 7 out of 10, above average, into the "entertaining" category.
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    Nice review gunnut, pretty much what I am expecting from this film. Hope to see it this week sometime. Im just not sure about Paul Bettany in these type of roles!!! Even though I have to admit i diid like him in Legion.

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      Paul Bettany was great in A Knight's Tale. I thought he was as strong a character as Heath Ledger.
      "Only Nixon can go to China." -- Old Vulcan proverb.