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    Well I've now seen the newest Fast and Furious installment (Fast Five) twice in 24 hours at two different theaters as a result of helping the local speed shop promote the movie with theater parking lot car shows.

    The movie actually breaks some new ground in the special effects department. I've never seen some of what they do done anywhere before. The crash scenes are frequent and exciting. The movie even has a quip talking down to ricers. The list of classic, muscle and super cars is impressive.

    66 vette, Porche GT3, Nissan GTR (R-30 and Godzilla), Pantera, GT40, old and new Hemi Chargers, 370z, Toyota Supra, Lexus LFA, Koenigsegg CCX....

    The acting is ranges from the ho-hum to the rotten. Both Vin Diesel and The Rock over work the hard case approach.

    However the car show before the movie on Friday night was fun. The show was invite only for cars and we had- Hyundai Genesis Sedan with full carbon fiber (first one ever). We had two classic chevelles, one painted to match the movie, 69 Camaro, 02ish Transam, 3rd gen RX-7 with an LS1 swap, a modded G35, Lexus ISF, Dodge SRT-4, Turboed civic hatch, 2 hemi chargers, a Subaru WRX, a Subaru STi , 02 Ford Cobra, imported right hand drive civic hatch and my wife's 2007 350z roadster. In addition a local import bike club showed up enmasse and we had a DJ.

    Also showing up, but not showing- Twin turbo 350z, several 350z nismo editions, 370z, twin turboed G8-GXP, 69-73 Mach 1, numerous mustangs and modded Hondas (some well some not so well), cammed Pontiac GTO, some F bodies, and some vettes among others.

    Tonight's show was much smaller just the Hyundai sedan and its stablemate the worlds first remote turboed V6 coupe both of these cars are MSA specials and are leadign thr way in creating AEM support for the platform and both have been shown at SEMA. Joining them were the g35, Chevelle. 350z roadster, Lancer Evo and a Nissan 240sx (S-13) vert with an SR20DETT swap.

    Here are some pics of the wife's z. We just got it out of the shop after I curbed the carbon fiber front rail and split it in half. We decided to use my mistake to fix the carbon fibers other blemishes and had the crack outs and breaks repaired and then custom painted most of the kit to match the car in order to have the remaining carbon fiber accent rather than dominate the car.

    2007 350z roadster- N1 carbon fiber body kit, Stern ST-5 wheels, K&N dual intake, Borla exhaust, cat delete/test pipe, Nitrous wet kit with 150 shot pills.
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    Zraver i have also seen the movie twice but not in 24 hours :D, and thats a pimped ride (Y). Fast Five was an excellent movie, your typical pop corn entertainment flick. Loved the special effects, car chases and especially the crazy crashes. But one thing i was really looking forward to was the show down between The Rock and Diesel, man was that an amazing fight :D. Although in real life, Rock would have just teared Diesel into two pieces. That guy is hugeeee, when they both were facing each other, Rock is not even flexing and you can see his biceps. The movie was definitely worth the money, no regrets


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      That is one hell of a car. I like. Is it a FWD?

      As for Fast 5, I think I'll watch it judging from responses. Previous movie was a real slump in quality, so I didn't have much hopes for the series.

      Death Race was much more original in the "racing" genre.
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        Good thing is that 350Z aint radioactive ;)
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          Originally posted by AdinWilliam
          Last night i watched this movie. This is very interesting movie.

          But did you enjoy it? :)


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            Who's got a banhammer handy?
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