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    Best line ever..."Isn't it amazing how annoying a little prick can be?".;)
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    Originally posted by sappersgt View Post
    Best line ever..."Isn't it amazing how annoying a little prick can be?".;)
    I am trying to resist a come back to this.....need to restrain myself...badly.
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      i've seen the movie,

      and i want my money back. it was one of worse 2nd movies ever.

      btw i am waiting to see Shrek's final chapter, seems fine. oh and the "how to train your dragon" was great How to Train Your Dragon (2010)
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        The following might contain spoilers:

        just watched it and found it a rather let down. Maybe expectations were to high (since the first one was one of the few comic movies I enjoyed). While some scenes were entertaining the movie spend to much time showing Stark whining and having daddy issues. I wanted to see mostly to things. First and foremost seeing the protagonist acting like a douche and seconldy some fun action sequences...there was some of the first one but not enough to save carry the whole movie due the failure to deliver on the second part. I don't demand constant explosions but what I want to see is a satisfying showdown between the hero and the bad guy


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          I liked the first movie better.

          What is missing from this movie is the interaction between Stark and Rhodes. They had great chemistry in the first movie. Rhodes would try to get Stark to do stuff but Stark would just blow it off. The constant back and forth gave the movie a light hearted approach. These light hearted moments were missing in the sequel.

          Pepper Potts was literally panicking through the entire movie. She should have been the able, distant, and decisive executive assistant in the first movie rather than this little school girl bordering on hysteria.

          Natasha Romanov had a great fight sequence, but that was it. There was no development of her character other than she's hot and she kicked ass.
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            Simply speaking i dont think i can come to like any other superhero movie after the Dark Knight. Watched Iron Man yesterday...found it to be too stupid and comical..didn't like it


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              I'm usually very skeptical of super-heroes because they are hard to relate too. Ironman, however is an exception. As a result I had high hopes for the first movie, and it was fun, actiony and great! This one really disappointed me. It did have a couple of moments though... when they show the experimental suits of Iran & PRK & Hammer Industries I thought that was pretty damn funny.

              Overall, my vote is meh.
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                I have to say, I was initially disappointed with IM2...but my opinion has vastly changed through repeated viewings.

                The only things that I missed from IM1 is Terrance Howard. He makes a far better Rhodey than Don Cheadle...although Cheadle is certainly an excellent actor in his own right.

                I also miss Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane. Obviously they can't bring him back, but man he tore that role up.
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