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    Originally posted by Dreadnought View Post
    RIP Swayze ol boy, Must admit that you had a style that many in what we call "Hollywood" could have learned from you. Particularly on how to control oneself and not be a spolied asswipe as 90% of them are today.
    Well said, couldn't agree more.


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      Originally posted by Canmoore View Post
      Everyone talks about dirty dancing, and ghosts. Yes, these were his most successful films.
      However, I think that his best film bar none, was City of Joy. I suggest anyone rent this movie, it is such a great film.
      I'd have to agree 100% here,"City of Joy" was by far his best movie as an actor IMHO.
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        Great personable actor.
        I saw an old episode of MASH shortly after it was announced that he was suffering from cancer.
        In it we saw a very young Swayze being told that he was suffering from incurable lukemia.
        Talk about black irony!
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