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R.I.P David Carradine

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    Well, I was overseas for a lot of Kung Fu.......either that, or I was arguing with my older brother on Thursday nights who wanted to watch "The Waltons". But he was always a name in the movies that could get me to watch the movie, whether it was "Death Race 2000" or "Warlords" or "Project Eliminator" was looking at some pretty poor movies as time went on but with him in the cast, it made a pleasant diversion.

    ............which, if I was a villian like him, I'd want to be Bill. All villians die, of course, but they often get the best lines. Plus, when he arrived outside the chapel, he showed the world that one can be old and still be cool.
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    ("That was Wednesday night. This is Wednesday morning - all over again. This is why I have been sent to you, to keep resetting time until you learn from your failures. Only you will carry with you the memory of what has happened before. And each time you fail, you will learn more until ultimately you will kill all of them."--Tempus (David), (w,stte), Charmed "Deja Vu All Over Again")


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      Yes really sad, a great actor gone.....

      I was watching his manager on the Larry King show with others discussing what happened....Interesting to hear their (his family) side of this event, in that it sounds really hard to believe this was either suicide, or accidental death.

      The hotel would not release their cc tv footage of within the hotel to begin with and I dont know if they ever have - Bit odd dont you think?


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        Originally posted by citanon View Post
        The theory is that he died of auto-erotic asphyxiation.QUOTE]

        auto-EROTIC? At age 72? Alone?
        You know what they say about "One night in Bangkok".:))
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