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    These guys were brill , the museum is not what it should be , its poor to say the least ,But they have , and still do give me many laughs .I loved them , Stan was born only 6 miles from where i now live , .

    Hundreds of people gathered at the hometown of Stan Laurel as a statue of the comedian and his sidekick Oliver Hardy was unveiled. Comedian Ken Dodd unveils a statue of of Laurel and Hardy in Ulverston, Cumbria The duo, who captivated early cinema-goers with their slapstick mishaps, have been immortalised with a 60,000 bronze sculpture in Ulverston, Cumbria.

    The statue of them leaning against a lamppost has been placed in the town's County Square where Stan brought Ollie in 1947 and the famous duo waved from the balcony of the Coronation Hall to a huge crowd of fans below.

    It was unveiled by Ken Dodd, who arrived with Stan and Ollie look-a-likes in a vintage Model T Ford.

    Doddy said he was "tickled" to do the honours in front of a crowd which included hundreds of members of The Sons of the Desert, the international appreciation society of Laurel and Hardy.

    He said Laurel and Hardy were the "most famous, most loved and most fabulous" comedy duo in the history of showbusiness. "Laurel and Hardy made the world laugh. They were the kings of comedy," he said.

    Eric Woods, from Widnes, Cheshire, represented the The Sons, who raised the cash for the statue, at the ceremony. "The magic of Laurel and Hardy was that they portrayed two ordinary guys who were just trying to make their way in life," he said.

    "Life gave them a few knocks but they picked themselves up and tried again. "There is a little bit of Stan and Ollie in all of us."

    Stan was born Arthur Stanley Jefferson in Ulverston's Argyll Street in June 1890 and remained there until he moved to North Shields, Tyneside, at the age of seven.

    He met Ollie in 1926 when both were working at the Hal Roach Studios in Hollywood. In a partnership lasting 31 years, they appeared together in 106 short films and motion pictures, spanning the silent era until the 1950s.
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    They were also my favorite comedy pair. Years ago there was a bakery shop in Walteria, California run by a couple of elderly women. On the wall were very large pictures of Laurel and Hardy.

    Turned out that one of the women was a next door neighbor to Stan some years back. She said the reason they were so good was that they were also the best of friends.

    They and their families would have dinner together every Sunday, alternating between Stan's house or Oliver's house. Also, Stan was the businessmen of the two and would go to all the meetings, supervise prop construction, inspect locations, etc. Ollie merely had to stay home as he was very confident in Stan's attention to detail and the scripts.

    We used to have a local cable show in Long Beach that was also a (sort of) official fan club of Laurel and Hardy. They called themselves "Sons of the Desert" and wore Fez's as Stan and Ollie did in one of their movies.

    One evening, Stan's daughter was a guest on the show and verified not only the friendship of the two, but verified a story of a special scene they did just for her.

    She was always upset about the movies where her father was always Ollie's target for blame, insults and slapstick. One day as they were visiting the set, Stan asked Ollie if they could change the script and have him beat up on the big guy just for once to please his daughter. Ollie was very willing to do that for the little girl and they made a few quick changes where Stan literally kicks Ollie out of the office.

    What a great team they were.
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      Originally posted by RustyBattleship View Post
      What a great team they were.
      The Best ...never to be bettered:)


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        Strange thing is , where i live now he was born 6 miles away , i have seen his home there , , i always loved it when Ollie was in a barrel of icy cold water in his pyjamas , looking pissed off , then a brick would bounce of his head
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          I loved their comics ! Used to be crazy after 'em.
          " THe SiLEnt KNighT.