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    I saw "Stop Loss" today. In the movie Sgt King finishes his tour in Iraq only to find out he's being sent back for another tour in a month's time. He also has trouble dealing with casualties he feels responsible for.

    I found the movie heart wrenching at times and some things hit close to home. It made me recall how incredibly difficult it was for me to go back to fight a particularly brutal war I didn't believe in, in which there was a mathematical certainty I would become a casualty. I arbitrarily "extended" my leave and my CO had to make a large withdrawal from the FavorBank in order to keep me out of the stockade.
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    Returned to Iraq in a month's time? I'm pretty sure even guys who are still active are mandated to get a break of at least half a year after being back from deployment, or something like that.
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      Nothing changes, they always have and always will ask more and more of the serviceman. in 1974 (Dave, Tankie, Bob) you were there to, after 18 months of active service in rural /border areas of Northern Ireland, our sunshine post of 18 months was changed courtesy of the Turkish government, as they decided to invade Cyprus, our tour in NI finished we were given 2 weeks leave, then off to Cyprus on a reduced tour of 6 months operational......a grand total of 2 years on active we watched Farmagusta get flattened courtesy of the Turkish airforce which was the best R& R spot on the Island, .......we were not happy campers
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        I never deployed but did work the deployment line when I was at the Pentagon. The feelings that came over me when I was checking the emergency cards to make sure they had all their information up-to-date and making sure their dog tags had the proper information on them was heart wrenching. I processed "kids" as young as 18 that were heading out for Desert Storm. And there were some that I was processing for the second time.

        On the way home, listening to the radio, the song "From A Distance" by Bette Midler came on and I started bawling! I had to pull over on the shoulder because I couldn't drive. I guess I could have changed the station.

        When I first read your post Sappersgt, a chill came over me. I was a TSgt in the AF...last name King!
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