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  • My screenplay-a tech list

    Since there's no real "General Military Discussion" board and I'm loath to start a thread in The Field Mess since I'm not a military professional, I'll start here.

    Here's a rough list of all the military tech (real world and fictional) that appears in my screenplay.

    It's set in 2013.

    This is not yet complete and is not in any real order:
    * A 9K38 Igla/ SA-18 Grouse SAM. It's used to shoot down a presidential plane.
    * A Pave Hawk helicopter tricked out with a mini-rocket system.
    * A Browning M2HB machine gun.
    * A number of Scud missiles. One is fired against a refugee camp and hits, while another is fired against a city. It's hit by a Patriot missile and diverted into an industrial area, where it destroys a factory, killing three security guards.
    * The USS George H.W. Bush and attendant carrier group.
    * The USS Jimmy Carter (Seawolf class SSN)