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  • Originally posted by dave lukins View Post
    I use a cattle prod:))
    You must be an Alaskan State Trooper....
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    • They showed Saving Private Ryan on TNT all day today.

      It's just hard to beat. The first 20 minutes are incredible.
      America doesn't deserve its military

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      • Originally posted by SnowLeopard View Post
        Gallipoli I saw as a teen and seen from an American standpoint with a great knowledge of history, the wasting of Australians by the Brits wasn't lost in meaning.

        As far as the 'best'? Well, what is the intended message? To entertain, to convince that it is really like this and avoid as much as possible, that it is really like this and join up to kill the bas**rd, or what?

        And from what point of view? From the 'English' side, from the English yet Soviet side (where they will lose in the end, anyhow), from a Third World side? Or what?

        Also, a lot depends on how background the viewer has to a movie. While I saw Zeppelin as a child, long, long before I was an adult and in the Navy, it's angle, presentation on the various points of Intelligence stays with me to this day ............................ but would others see it that way?

        I'll tell you one thing; I don't think I could present anywhere near a convincing performance for the sheer terror of a constructed "Man Overboard!" from a zeppelin.

        If I thought about it for a while, I could come up with a great list, .... but I should be studying, so ......

        Entertaining: Zeppelin (sure, weak at points, but insightful at others)

        Counter English: The Beast (but it has been years since I've seen it, so memory may be faulty)

        Counter Third World: The Terrorist (Dir: Santosh Sivan)

        Now, to the original list: unfortunally, I've only seen Zulu (great), The Great Escape (over and over on tv, so okay), and The Boat (great).
        ("For six crucial minutes, Major Von Richter, the mission will be dependent on you and your expert knowledge of the local country side. We have gone to a great deal of trouble to acquire you; I know we won't be disappointed."--Major Tauntler, (wtte), "Zeppelin")
        We are talking about films here, not the fact that the British were wasting Australian and Kiwi lives. It was a joint British and French Operation. The Brtish lost 21,255 soldiers with 52,230 wounded. So now back to the films.


        • i gotta go with Paths of Glory or The Big Red One.


          • of the ones on here band of bothers was the best, but my favorite war movies, (well war time movies) not quite in this order:

            10. Empire of the SUn
            9. Casablanca
            8. We Were Soldiers
            7. The Caine Mutiny
            6. Bridge on the River Kawi (spelling)
            5. Boys of Company C (apparently not to many people have seen this, great movie)
            4. Hamburger Hill
            3. Full metal Jacket
            2. Jakob the Liar
            1. Schindler's List
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            • Relatively old news, but the new mini-series The Pacific will be coming out sometime next year. It's produced by HBO (i.e. Spielberg, Hanks Goetzman) based on the memoirs "With the Old Breed" and "Helmet for My Pillow". My expectations are pretty high, based off the quality of Band of Brothers. Hopefully they'll live up to that.


              • Band of Brothers most accurate of them all.
                The Great Escape
                Apocalypse Now
                Full Metal jacket
                Patton (if you can call it a war movie) is also great.

                Anybody seen Waltz with Bashir?
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                • My picks

                  1. Flyboys

                  2. Paths of Glory

                  3. Hells Angels

                  4. The Lost Battalion

                  5. The Big Parade

                  6. The Dawn Patrol

                  7. Kingdom of Heaven

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                  • Can I also add The Sand Pebbles (1966) starring Steve McQueen about a US Navy gunboat, the USS San Pablo patrolling China's Yangtze River in the 1920s. There's a great battle scene towards the end when the San Pablo takes on a bunch of Chinese junks complete with a boarding party wielding cutlasses, M1911s, Springfield rifles and BARs.

                    The movie also deals with aspects of racism and colonialism/exploitation. There's no Rambo crap either; just everyday US Navy sailors doing their jobs to the best of their ability.


                    • Das Boot is another great, I watched it with my grandfather many years ago when I was a kid. It really helped capture that cramped claustrophobic sence of Submarine warfare.


                      • My top fave, The great raid. My second, A Farewell to Arms(1957) excellent movie.


                        • Good stuff, I have learned of movies I've never heard before...Here are a few titles which I think are very good,

                          "Soldaat van Oranje" (Soldier Of Orange) 1977

                          "The eye of the needle" 1981

                          ...or outright masterpieces:

                          "Die Brücke" (The Bridge) 1959

                          "La Grande illusion" (The Grand Illusion) 1937

                          "Roma, citta aperta" (Rome, open city) 1945. I heard "Il generale della Rovere", also from Roberto Rosellini is also very good.
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                          • I just thought of a cool way to help show your movie! EDIT: OK, I just looked above. Must be where I got the clue!


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                            • To correct my earlier post, I meant to say the 1932 version with Gary Cooper and Helen Hayes. Excellent movie.


                              • Though a work of fiction, I really liked this movie. Hard to explain why....