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    Seems to stick to the Official history of how the SAS came about with some fictional additions

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    Originally posted by Joćo View Post
    Seems to stick to the Official history of how the SAS came about with some fictional additions
    I was surprised how much of it was factual, given what was shown. Who'd have thunk that a in a scene with a sexy french spy and a senior British officer in a dress the french spy would be the ficitonal bit. ;) It was great fun. Loved the soundtrack. Somehow mixing 70s hard rock & punk with WW2 era tunes really worked. Also liked that we got plenty of British tunes. Forties US swing music is great, but George Formby & Noel Coward were perfect for this. :)

    Here are a couple of great presentations from WW2TV. The first is a distinctly unflattering picture of David Stirling (and it doesn't even get into his plans for an armed overthrow of the British government during the 70s). This one is very recent & actually references the TV show. The general conclusion is that 'Paddy' Mayne was the heart & soul of the unit & beloved by basically everyone but Stirling, who substantially re-wrote the history of the unit once those who might contradict him were dead.

    There are a number of other presentations on SAS, SBS & other SPECOPS operations/formations I haven't yet seen, but 99% of what I've seen on this channel is worth watching.


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      I was a bit worried they'd make a complete hash of it. But Stephen Knight knows how to tell a story. Can't wait for the Viking raiders to turn up in Southern Italy with Paddy moving up a gear and showing his brand of leadership. The Music was good, and I thought given the exploits at hand very fitting. They really were Rock n' Rollers of their day. The actor that played Jock was really on form and did Jock proud. That carrying on thing and projecting positivity while in total despair at the day's events, what a guy!

      People keep Banging on about Paddy not getting the VC, personally I think Paddy couldn't give a crap about medals. He was all about getting the job done successfully and helping those around him. He was a man's man!
      I'll give those channels a look when I get a minute, I can imagine Stirling was a sod. But with him and his connections and with Paddy and Jock and other lesser known characters they really did nail it with the LRDG...


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