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Alex Trebek, Jeopardy host, has died

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  • Alex Trebek, Jeopardy host, has died

    Breaking news this morning. Jeopardy has to be my all time favorite show ever since the the late 60s when of course it was Art Fleming.

    RIP Alex.

    Stage 4 pancreatic cancer is impossible to beat in the end. I have a dear friend, someone I dated in 85-86, who came into my office last February 2019 wearing a mask and head covering. I was taken aback as I knew something was seriously wrong and that it was cancer. After 10 minutes she informed me it was stage 4 pancreatic cancer as she broke down. The shame of it was that she had some alerting symptoms early on that she passed off as indigestion. By the time she finally went in almost two years later it became too late. She never told me about these symptoms just like my younger sister about her unusual balance and loss of sensation on one side of her body. If only they had spoken up ahead of time I would have been able to help them get to the right immediate care. Instead my sister passed suddenly when the congenital aneurysm blew and my friend now has limited time.