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    Originally posted by RustyBattleship
    You people DO realize however that back in 1993 the guy who wrote the book denied it to be a hoax BUT admitted it really was ALL FICTION.
    And that's what some people just can't seem to get straight. Oh well, let them waste their time chasing truth when all they'll find is fiction.
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      Just saw the movie, its brilliant!


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        Originally posted by Neo
        Just saw the movie, its brilliant!
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          Originally posted by percentage_plyr
          maybe GODFATHER2 was a good try though.
          Except that Godfather 2 only incorporated a single chapter from the original book. (Young Vito)

          The rest of Godfather 2 was an original screenplay. ;)
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            Originally posted by Gun Grape
            But I have yet to see a movie that was as good as the book it was based on.
            Hunt for Red October was pretty good, the only Clancy book that wasn't absolutely raped when it was made into a movie.


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              The movie is not going to shake anyone's faith. The novel might.
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