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Monogram Enhanced B-17

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    Great build. With all your pitfalls yu did breath new life into an old model.

    What primer did you use under the Vallejo paint?


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      Thanks Gun! I'm on the road again and just got myself logged on since I forgot my password. Finally was able to reset it.

      I didn't use any primer and in retrospect should have. I have Tamiya Surfacer/Primer that I used on the PE, and should have used it. I would have saved myself some grief. It's solvent-based so I can't spray much indoors. I'm lobbying to finally get a spray booth that I can vent outside. Instead of investing in digital train control, a wiser choice IMHO would be a fully functional, vented spray system. I would the be able to work with solvent paints wthout creating fumes in the house.


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        Excellent work! I need to get back into it again....been a while.


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          Glad I could help light that fire.

          Plastic building is done for a bit since my right arm has recovered to a point where I'm going to attempt building the mountain. I did a "proximal biceps tendon rupture". From the way it felt, I initially partially tore it an knocked it out of its track. A couple of weeks later, I moved my shoulder joint slightly outward, felt a lot of motion in that tendon, lots of pain for a couple of days, and then I had a new muscle bump at the upper portion of my bicep. The soreness moved into that area only and my shoulder freed up. I took a picture and sent it to my son in law and he diagnosed it. He said I can live well with it and at my age, surgery is not recommended. If was younger, an athlete or used my arms for an occupation (carpenter for example), surgery would be done, but it's a long recovery and difficult surgery. With the long head tendon-connected bicep belly disconnected, you still have about 80% of arm strength and that's enough to build a mountain.

          The model made it successfully to philly, the new owner was overjoyed and he's thinking that he might want me to build the 1/32 scale HKM B-17, which is a state-of-the-art kit that would be a blast to build.

          I also have a 1/32 Trumpeter ABM Avenger with extra goodies that arrived when I got stuff for the B-17 which should be a fun build. And I have a Trumpeter 1:350 USS Essex which I'm thinking that I'm going to do it up like the Missouri with all the bells, whistles and steam horns. So standby for more stuff over the next year.


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            Excellent work dude.