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1/350 CVL-22 USS Independence

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    I've got the lid on.

    I was a little overzealous with the deck wash and had to clean that up a bit. The deck stripe decals were a serious pain to get applied right. From here on out, I think I'll mask and paint them instead. Planes on the deck can cover up anything too obvious.

    I receive my 1/350 Gambier Bay this week. Artwox makes a wood deck for it, but also includes masks for the camouflage and all the deck markings. I'll be able to paint the lines and the deck number with them. That option would have worked nicely here. The CVE is definitely shorter than this ship.

    I've learned enough with this carrier not to repeat the same mistakes on my others, so that's progress, I guess.

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      Zad, that's a fine looking model! My grandson's building the Hornet. Unfortunately, he's being 13 and is gluing everything up (nicely, I must add), but has neglected planning about painting. He's gluing all the deck guns in place before painting anything. I'm going to try and prevent him from gluing down the flight deck so he doesn't block himself off from painting the under-deck details.

      Again, great work and I'm looking forward to the Gambier Bay.


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        Thanks, Builder. An atta-boy from you makes me feel better about this.

        With the deck decals, I won't have to deal with the big "22" on the deck. They weren't present in 1943.

        I'm sort of torn between which will be next. I've stocked up pretty much all the carrier classes, barring the different CVEs. I have Trumpeter's Lexington, and Franklin, Merit's Yorktown and Hasegawa's Gambier Bay. Neither GB nor Lex has a real hanger deck, and either one, I think will be a bit simpler build than this one. I do have Dragon's USS Chevalier, if I need a break from flat tops.

        I haven't bought any detail sets for GB yet. I'll definitely get the wood deck/mask set. Pontos has a detail set, costing more than the kit itself, but I'm thinking it's a bit overkill for my skills. Hasegawa's etch sets are overpriced, too. White ensign makes a set which may be more manageable. I doubt I'll need to replace the armament on this one.

        I do have the CAs Indianapolis and Chikuma yet, which will be a bit more involved, especially with regard to painting the Japanese ship. I'm not sure how to deal with the raised cross strips on the linoleum. I also have Zvezda's Dreadnought on endless hold.

        Either way, I'm content making all my mistakes on this kit, so I won't later on.

        Is it bad when I buy more kits than I can build in three years?


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          I think you should attempt to scratch-build the hanger decks. It's time to step out of your comfort zone. What amazes me is how much a plastic model ends up costing when you add all the after-market add-ons. I spent over 400 on the Missouri. I've been thinking about updating the Essex with the late-War AA sponsons that were added on the port bow area. I've made drawings of the sponson's shape. Right now I'm not building any plastic. I'm just too involved building the layout and its structures. It will be a couple more years before I'm back in plastic. it's killing me when I go to the hobby shop. The plastic kits keep getting better and better. Competition is great! I'm really interested in Gallery Model's new Wasp and Iwo Jima helicopter/Amphibious support ships. They come with the PE included which helps. I down-loaded some fantastic computer generated images that will provide endless amounts of detail work.

          This is just a sampling. If you want the whole set, let me know and I can send it via email. Each image is less than 200 kb.
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            Do have the long hull or short hull kit?

            Franklin's a short hull ship. I was reluctant to get a long hull kit after reading Tracy White's review. There seemed to be fit issues on the hull, and it looked like Trumpeter took some short cuts with the deck, chopping the catapults while shortening it.

            Reading about all the AA refittings, I'm wondering if any two Essexes are the same. I may see what I can tinker with along that front.

            If I built a deck for the CVE, I have a feeling I would be the only one to know about it. There aren't any doors along the hull on the hanger deck to open up. Ditto with the Lex.


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              My thread works again... yay!


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                Originally posted by Zad Fnark View Post
                My thread works again... yay!
                We likely lost attachments but a small price to pay I'd say :-)
                My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over.