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    Originally posted by Builder 2010 View Post
    I'm glad that I have interests that can keep me busy for years.
    So am I and a few others that have been following this!


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      Transformer Parts

      Good! I will keep at it.

      I realized that locomotive radiator fans could simulate the cooling fans used on some of the transformers. I was going to buy a hulk HO engine and cut out the fans, but the local train store owner suggested buying separate super-detail fans available from Walther's. I ordered the following fan that used on the EMD GP40's and other 80s vintage engines. It's a 48" fan so it scales .55" in HO. It's a tad smaller than I envisioned by will definitely work and probably make the model.

      I may modify the mounting flange, but otherwise, I've seen pictures of fans like this on transformers.

      Just to manage all of your expectations, I don't plan on getting into active building on this until March or later. I've got to finish the ravines and get the trains running, finish the town basics (Streets and associated details), and get the train stations built. It's good to have stuff to do.
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        What's next? You gonna make this fan actually work?

        I don't challenge your skills, just curious.
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          Na! I think I'll leave that up to people's imagination. I found some #8/10 beads to try to homemake some more insulators. I post when the experiment is done.