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  • First "Real" Ship Build

    I'm mostly done with my USS England (DE-635). This is my first serious ship build that I've gotten this far with. I still need to get some rigging done, but that can wait for another day. The railings were patience-trying as it was.

    Yeah, I know she never wore measure 22, but my USS Benson project is in Ms 21 and while working on that, all I see is a Navy Blue haze, so I needed a break.

    I learned quite a bit about how to manage building and painting sequences. (don't attach real little parts 'til the end, or they'll break)

    I added a photoetch set for the details and used aftermarket 3" guns. Otherwise, out of the box.

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    Which photoetch set did you use?

    Never built the England but I've read that it isn't one of the best Trumphy kits out there.

    Did you have many problems?

    Way back in the back of my mind I've been thinking of converting one to a Butler class and doing the Sammy B.

    But SWMBO says I need to start building some of my models before I buy more. Got a package due in tomorrow from SprueBrothers though.
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      Thanks, GG,

      I think it was the Gold Medal fret.

      Overall this kit went together easily enough. The bridge didn't look to hot as is, but after I drilled out the windows, it improved quite a bit. You can get this kit for only about $20. I think the etch cost about as much.

      I forgot, the 20mm have brass barrels replacing the kit ones. Those were beautiful. I think I could see a hole at the end of the barrel. That and the photoetch for the shoulder rests and sights and they came out great.

      My Benson and my CVL Independence are Dragon kits. I think both are works of art just on the sprues. I haven't felt the need for aftermarket guns on either one -- just the gunshields and such on the photoetch.

      I bought an Iwata airbrush before starting these. Probably the easiest airbrush I've ever had as far as cleaning goes.



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        I'm sort of building a Dragon Gearing and the detail is amazing. My only complaint is that they have horrible instructions. And sometimes they make an assembly more complicated. Like they think that the model with the highest parts count wins. A good example is this bridge skywatch chair. 3 pieces and once placed on the model you will be hard pressed to find it. Yes the parts are on top of a dime. I got a little burned out so set it aside for a while and am building an old Tamiya Tiger

        I got a little burned out so set it aside for a while and am building an old Tamiya Tiger .

        Next in line are 2 Dragon Buchanans (DD-484) I have both the 1942 (MS12?) and the 45 versions.
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          Yeah, that can be maddening -- especially if there's a bunch. I thought the 20mms would be that way, but they went quickly. I eventually bought a magnifying visor, since I'm getting badly farsighted with age.

          My Benson is the '45, but she'll be wearing Ms 21. Also on the blocks is my Iron Shipwright 1/350 PC-461 subchaser. A little resin kit.

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            You guys ought to do entire builds. I love seeing the finished products, but also like to see how you got there. There's lot of learning to be had by watching what others do.


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              Nice model of the USS England, must really study your photographs to aid me when I get around to building mine.
              I also have the USS England (DS 635) That I brought as another practice piece, this will be paired with the WEM brass etch, and in water-line setting. One thing I've learnt is that you don't have to use all the Brass Etch pieces as many are just tooooo small and are basically invisible on the finished model, also some times the kit supplied parts are easier and better than PE replacements. Recently I finished the Trumpeter USS Fransico CA38 in 1942 fit together with the WEM PE. started with the 40mm quads as they were not needed in the 42 fit and found that the WEM PE parts just would not fit the Trumpeter parts it seems to me that the WEM 40mm pieces were taken from some other model and just transposed onto the fret for the Trumpeter kit.
              I agree with Builder 2010 about builds as you can warn up phelbs about the problems you encountered, so maybe we can not have the same problems, fore warned is fore armed.
              Happy modelling and keep it fun.


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                I have the Dragon Scharnhorst & I agree with you Gun Grape about the Dragon instructions & the dare-I-say excessive detail. even though I have not started the kit, in fact I haven't taken it all out of the box I was so discussed with the instruction that I re-wrote mine and in the process found several shall-we-say anomalies and that there are a few parts missing. I feel that for the price of the Scharnhorst that Dragon could have done better.
                I'll post a full review when I'm able to post on this forum.
                Happy modelling & keep it fun. John the pom.


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                  Originally posted by Builder 2010 View Post
                  You guys ought to do entire builds. I love seeing the finished products.
                  Me too, so get yer ass back ta work on the train set!