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    Just thought I would through in a pic of my 1:50 die-cast version of same vehicle produced by Sword Models
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      Originally posted by AllanP View Post
      Some more work completed [ATTACH]32879[/ATTACH][ATTACH]32880[/ATTACH][ATTACH]32881[/ATTACH][ATTACH]32882[/ATTACH][ATTACH]32883[/ATTACH]
      I'd enjoy seeing a view with a closeup the engine from above- is it as detailed as the undercarriage? Or is it just the bottom that has the detail?
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        The details on that chassis are amazing... a far cry from the Revell, Renwal and Adams kits I built in the 1950s. The Asian kit makers have been really pushing up the bar. Are the air bladders separate pieces in black or did you paint them that color? Also, why is the transfer case a different color? Did you do something to it.

        You have a similar "hold-n-fold" as I do. They're very helpful.


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          USS Wisconsin, This is the only major downfall of the whole kit, It does not have an engine supplied with it. Real Model in the Chec Replublic however make some amazing Resin parts including engine Transfer case Antenna set to name a few. I did purchase these but had a lot of dramas trying to get them to fit and even ended up breaking the end of the front drive shaft. In the end gave up and at this stage will build without the engine. Builder answer to transfer case above, Had to stick with it as I had already damaged the original when removing it to install engine and new T-case, the airbags come in the Black plastic and are still to be painted/weathered when I get to that stage. From memory the hold and fold was an idea from your thread on the Missouri.