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Starting my pitroad krivak II and Dragons Kirov!

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  • Starting my pitroad krivak II and Dragons Kirov!

    Any photo references avaialable by anyone????

    Check out this beast in 700 from the Steelnavy website, and using the WEM P.E. Fret!: Its a gerat reference for my own project.....but pretty god-damn iintimidating!

    I still think the trumpeter ofering is better...
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    Here's a trump one also built with the WEM P.E. fret.

    This God-damn Kirov's gotto be the meanest son a bich ever built! I lmost blow a lo9ad each time I lay my eyes on one of these! :) ........And remember one during a live fire exercise near Vladivostock last year. What a beautiful and powerful beast. :)


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      This is not what yourè looking for.. But anyway, this is a Krivak that i photographed in the Baltic sea back in the 80`s..

      Maybe it could be fun to see anyway...