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Building a Tamiya Missouri with Super-detailing

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  • Thanks for tip on brass etch but a bit late for me as I've almost finish only the main railings to do. Maybe on my next build I'll try the vinegar etch, at the moment I've only primed the brass with Tamiya surface primer and that seems to work OK-ish. I'm at the moment doing the rigging and decided to try the wig hair you mentioned in your posting. Hear in SA many of the blacks use hair weaves or extensions and in consequence are very cheap I brought one for R10 that's about $1 and I have enough to rig about 100 models or more. I'll let you Know how it goes, but so-far it's looking good. One piece of luck I've had has been that I have not assembled the main bridge superstructure to the deck, and so I was able the rig the main mast signal rigging from the fore mast though holes in the flag boxes ( I thought they were air vent at first thanks to your post I now know better ) and glue the lot inside the superstructure and managed to get them tight without distorting the mast.
    One question how does one post pictures in these posts or do I have to wait until I've completed 24 postings?
    Happy modelling and we do this for fun. John the Pom.


    • John,

      To add pics:
      1. When you reply, click on "GO ADVANCED". This enables you to "Manage Attachments"
      2. Start by putting your cursor where you want the file to be in the text. Below the reply space is a tab, MANAGE ATTACHMENTS. Click on it.

      3. It brings up a dialog box to select files

      4. Add files by searching the directory containing the image. Click on the file, and then click on DOWNLOAD

      5. Before closing click on INSERT INLINE

      That's it.

      Some caveats: Only five files per document. If you want to include more pictures you have two choices. Start another post to continue the theme, or, in your photo editing software, combine images into one file. I do this sometimes when I just don't want to start another post.

      The files that are inserted do not have their original names. They're given consecutive numbering and the HTML insert command. If you want to see what file is being inserted you have to look at it in the Manage Attachments window. In that window you can also change the order the pictures appear by clicking and dragging the files in the bottom of the box to a different position.

      Look forward to seeing the pics.
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      • Thanks for the above, I've tried what you said, but all I get is another text editing box and a request or a title, nothing like you show above so I guess I just have to wait until I reach my 24 postings. The rigging with the wig-hair is going well, and I post a full story when I'm able.
        Good work with the railway layout.
        Happy modelling and remember we do this for fun. John the Pom.