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    I would like to know does anyone know where I could obtain drawings of the Soviet Navy's India Class submarine and its rescue subs?

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    Not sure what you want them for. Model building or reference. This is the only link I can find with drawings

    . - 940 ***************************

    Its a 2 class ship design. And Russian. Going to be hard finding good drawings.

    For most American warships The Floating Drydock is the "go to" place.

    They don't have drawings for an India though.

    The Floating Drydock

    Poke around this forum and see what you can find. Or ask them.

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    Hope this helps
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      Re: Model Ship Drawings

      Gun Grape, thank you very much for the drawing, the photos and, the URL.


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        This site does not have the India class, but there are some other drawings that might be useful of Soviet subs and other ships.

        The Blueprints, reference image database, with more than 40000 blueprints, templates, 3/4/5-views and drawings


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          I found a new site to buy ship plans in 1/350 and 1/700.

          Their books are really good reference material and the plans sold are outstanding.

          Just wish there was a better selection.

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            Try The Scale Shipyard (aka Dreadnaught's helper on this board) I don't think Lee has that particular class, but then his shop has hundreds of molds for the fiberglass hulls. That gets you off to a good start and the detail work is up to you. Though the hull is provided, the detail work is still considered "Scratch Built" as you still have to add propeller shafts, rudders and bilge keels (plus painting).
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