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    when i was 12 yrs old an encyclopedia photo inspired me and i manufactured a homemade hovercraft using a styrofoam box, a hair dryer motor, a strecth food nylon film and 2x 7,2volts re-chargeable batteries.

    and it worked :) my hovercraft was able to hold it self 1-2 cm above the surface.

    but it was uncontrollable.

    today i am willing to remake it by using a bit more sophisticated components.

    i am aware that there are many reference builds on the net but i will stick to my childish amateur(and cheap) desire and do it by my self.

    after all this is the funny part i think.

    the part that i need help is the one which involving electronics.

    i want to use 1 or 2 electric motors (1 for horizontal 1 for vertical thrust)

    i want to use radio control and some servos to have steering

    and i know that i ll need some batteries :) thats all i know.

    now i need some details like which specific parts i will need, what are the musts in connecting/using those electric motors, how can i connect the motors to the batteries, what is "esc", why they sell special connectors and which motor fits which battery and what will be its range...etc..

    thanks in advance
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    Big K,
    ESC is Elelctronic Speed Control, it acts like a throttle for your electric motor. Capacity of esc will vary depending on the wattage of the motor you are using.

    Any 3 or more channel surface purpose AM. FM, PCM or 2.4 Gig Transmitter and standard size servos will do the job for you. I'm guessing 3 standard size servo will be enough for your project, 1 for the rudder and 2 for the lift mechanism.
    All radio control types, frequencies, operating limitations, etc are controlled by local governments. You might want to check with your local authorities and see which one is legal in your area.

    The range on your Radio system has no significance because the limitation for the range is your eye sight "How far can you see". If you can't see it then you cant control it.

    For indepth info check Rcuniverse dot com, it is the WAB of radio control world.
    Good luck.