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I took the plunge again but need help.

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    Damn, where's the Gunny???

    I hope SNSD comes up with a new album soon or Sarah Palin does something stupid again so he gets worked up enough to come back and make a thread.


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      Better yet, he's going to be pissed when he finds out yall jacked his thread !!! Yall are in soooo much trouble. ;)


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        S'ok, I got HD movies of Kpop videos and high resolution Celine pics I an bribe him with.


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          Right. The only reason you have those is to bribe the Gunny. Riiiiight....
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            Originally posted by robtmelvin View Post
            Gun Grape, you might also want to check out the following sites: Sprue Brothers, Free Time Hobbies, Mega Hobby. All three have great web sites, comprehensive, real time inventory, prompt shipping and excellent customer service. I have bought some stuff from Squadron over the years, but I find their shipping can be on the slow side compared to the sites I named, if that matters to you. I'm an older guy myself and after some resolving some reservations by asking around on the various forums I frequent, set up a paypal account to take care of my orders. Never had a problem and most of our vendors do take paypal.

            Hope this helps some.

            Thanks Bob.

            The youngins went wild while I was on vacation. You didn't "Necro". Your post contributed to the thread.

            I also like Sprue Brothers. Not sure how Freetime hobbies will be now that they bought Pacific Front.

            I saw your Battleship build over at the ship building site.

            Please post some pics over here. There are a few of us TarHeels on the board that would like to follow your building of "The Showboat"
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              The Gunny........

              ............ain't what he used to be.


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                I'm going to necro my own thread.

                Just cause I don't know where to put this.

                For all you model builders, have you checked out Sprue brothers in the last couple of weeks?

                They bought out Great Models and have an excess of kits. They are selling them cheap. I got the Dragon 1/350 Gearing class USS Chevalier DD-805 for $27. Its going everywhere else for $50-58..

                Its not just ships. Aircraft and armor on sell also.


                Mods I don't know of any policy about advertising. But delete this post if it violates board rules. And let me know, so I won't do it again.
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                  Originally posted by Gun Grape View Post
                  I'm going to necro my own thread.


                  That's right.

                  It's a model zombie.
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