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Sd.Kfz 165 Hummel (Initial version

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  • Sd.Kfz 165 Hummel (Initial version

    This is Dragons Kit NO.6150

    In my opinion, it`s not a beginners kit.


    First 8 Hummels entered service in March of 1943 followed by 46 in April. Hummels had their debut during operation "Zitadelle (Citadel)" in the Summer of 1943, when some 100 were in service. Hummels were issued to Heavy Self-Propelled Artillery Battery of Panzerartillerie Abteilung of both Wehrmacht and Waffen SS panzer divisions. Each Heavy Self-Propelled Artillery Battery had six Hummels and one Munitionstrager Hummel. Hummels remained in service with Panzerartillerie units until the end of the war and proved to be a very useful "interim solution" weapon, but there were never enough of them to be supplied to frontline units.

    Small number of captured Hummels was used by the Red Army during the fighting in Hungary in 1945. It is unconfirmed but probably few Hummels found their way to Syria after the war.

    Today, Hummels can been seen in the Panzermuseum Munster (early model) and Auto und Technik Museum (late model) in Germany, Hummel in Musee des Blindes in Saumur, France (late model), Tank Museum in Bovington, England and in Aberdeen in USA.

    9th Panzer Division "Hohenstaufen"

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    Excellent Nord. :) I'm convinced that you own a secret ray gun that miniaturises real equipments in museums and collections. Can you restore them to their original size?
    Semper in excretum. Solum profunda variat.


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      hehe I wish...


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        Again I'm impressed with your incredible skills at modeling. You should make a diorama of Kursk or something. :)


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          Originally posted by ace16807 View Post
          Again I'm impressed with your incredible skills at modeling. You should make a diorama of Kursk or something. :)

          Thank you..


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            Excellent! as usual..:))


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              Superb !


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                Hey Nord, beautiful looking Hummel. Do you know of a great model site to buy from? I'm just now starting to get back into this old hobby of mine.


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                  Welcome Erik!

                  I haven't ordered from these guys much (I luckily have a great couple of local stores to walk into) but it's a place to start. And the say they are great. :)




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                    Thank you very much Dale. I'll look into this site immediately.