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What's your favorite gin/herbal liquor?

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  • What's your favorite gin/herbal liquor?

    Branching off from the whisky thread....

    Any gin aficionados here? May as well throw in aquavit, jenever and other herbal liquors, such as the German herbal liquors e.g. Jagermeister.

    For straight drinking, I'm partial to Hendrick's. The kind that comes in the black apothecary-style bottle. Predominantly flavored with cucumber peel and rose petals as opposed to much stronger notes of juniper found in many other gins. I find it goes down quite smooth and has a pleasant aftertaste.

    The liquor store at my alma mater had a firesale once upon a time on Seagrams Distillers Reserve (94 proof). I bought up about 20 bottles and had a multi-year supply of gin. Not the best straight drinking gin, but it's just fine for gin and tonics.

    I'm also partial to New Amsterdam as an inexpensive gin. Also a good mixer.

    I also found Killepitsch on firesale once. Bought 5 or 6 bottles. Not the kind of stuff you sit around and swig. I typically drink a little tiny bit at a time, just filling up the bottle cap.
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      Rose Water, Mint Water!
      and some other stuff that i dont know their EN.


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        I can't believe people actually drink the stuff. It tastes like a damn pine tree!


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          Originally posted by SteveDaPirate View Post
          I can't believe people actually drink the stuff. It tastes like a damn pine tree!
          I just blew coffee through my nostrils!!!
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