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17 year old murdered on way back to mosque

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  • 17 year old murdered on way back to mosque

    Police: Reston girl attacked near Va. mosque, murdered in apparent 'road rage incident'

    by ABC7|
    Sunday, June 18th 2017

    HERNDON, Va. (ABC7) — A 17-year-old Muslim girl is dead and a man has been arrested and charged with murder after she was assaulted while walking back to her mosque on Sunday in Herndon, police and family members say.

    In a press conference on Monday evening, Fairfax Co. Police said they do not believe the murder of Nabra Hassanen of Reston was a hate crime.

    Police say their investigation "in no way indicates the victim was targeted because of her race or religion."

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    Nabra Mohmod Hassanen had been praying for Ramadan at the ADAMS (All Dulles Area Muslim Society) center. She then decided to walk with a group of friends, some of whom police say were on bikes, to get something to eat before their religious fast. Sadly, Hassanen never returned.

    Hassanen's body was found in a pond in Loudoun County on Sunday evening.

    Police say the group had a dispute with a driver that appears to be the "result of a road rage incident involving the suspect" while the teens were walking back to the mosque and Hassanen was assaulted. Fairfax County Police and the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office started searching for the missing teen as early as 4 a.m.

    “What investigators told the father and the mother, he hit her in the head and put her in the car and he threw her in the water,” said family friend and spokesperson Abas Sherif.

    Shortly after the incident, police in the area noticed a car driving suspiciously and began a traffic stop on Darwin Martinez Torres, 22, of Sterling. He was taken into custody as a suspect, and later charged with murder.

    ICE has lodged a detainer on Torres, saying he is an undocumented immigrant.

    On Monday, Council on American-Islamic Relations National Executive Director Nihad Awad released the following statement:

    “There are no words to describe the devastation and anguish felt by the family and by all members of the community as a result of this senseless tragedy. CAIR, its board and staff offer sincere condolences to the family and loved ones of Nabra Hassanen in their time of grief. To God we belong and to Him we return. As we grieve for Nabra’s loss, we also urge law enforcement authorities to conduct a thorough investigation of a possible bias motive in this case, coming as it does at a time of rising Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate attacks nationwide.”

    When word spread, sadness and grief gripped those who knew Hassanen.

    “The father is very desperate the mother as well all the community desperate and disappointed,” said Sherif.

    Hassanen was a sophomore at South Lakes High School in Reston.

    “I thought it was really shocking. To be perfectly honest I wasn’t really expecting it and it was all over Snapchat. And I was just really shocked. My mom told me about it last night and I was like ‘whoa,’” a student said.

    “At first people were just like, oh this girl is missing if you see her like let us know. Then people were like oh my God, like she’s dead and people started freaking out. But like the whole Sophomore class kind of came together and like we all agreed to wear black today to honor her,” another student said.

    "We are devastated and heartbroken as our community undergoes and processes this traumatic event," ADAMS representatives said in a statement. "It is a time for us to come together to pray and care for our youth. ADAMS has licensed counselors on site to assist anyone in need of counseling during these difficult times."

    Rep. Barbara Comstock of Virginia released the following statement on the girl's death:

    "We are heartbroken and horrified by the news of the brutal murder of a beautiful 17-year old girl. We know there is no greater pain for any parent and Chip and I extend our prayers to her family and loved ones at this difficult time and the entire ADAMS Center community. We commend the Fairfax County Police Department and the Loudoun County Sheriff's office for their diligent work in apprehending the perpetrator. This case should be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

    This story has been updated.
    To sit down with these men and deal with them as the representatives of an enlightened and civilized people is to deride ones own dignity and to invite the disaster of their treachery - General Matthew Ridgway

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    A 22-year-old "undocumented immigrant" senslessly kills a young lady.
    Is this true or was there another reason he killed her ?
    At this point I don't know and I will not conjencture.
    RIP with condolences to her family and friends. Really is sad.

    If this truly is just a senseless murder of an innocent by an inhumane person then I'm glad Virginia has the death penalty. I am kind of prejudice in this sense as I hate all inhumane killers of innocent lives equally.

    ◇ Caveat: My definition of inhumane is open to various interpretations given circumstances
    Real eyes realize real lies.


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      Turns out to be an illegal alien. In light of the allegation, if he is found guilty thankfully Virginia does have a death penalty which is made use of.


      Cops Suspect Slain Muslim Teen Nabra Hassanen Was Raped
      Darwin Martinez Torres is locked up for the violent attack on the girl whose death raised fears of a hate crime. ICE said he entered the U.S. illegally.

      Natalia Megas

      06.20.17 1:26 PM ET

      Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast

      FAIRFAX, Virginia — Authorities suspect Nabra Hassanen may have been raped before she was murdered on Sunday, according to two sources with knowledge of the investigation.

      The killing of Hassanen, a 17-year-old Muslim girl, sent shockwaves through the country after a recent string of violent attacks on Muslims and racial minorities. Police said they are not investigating her death as a hate crime.

      Hassanen’s body was found in a pond in Sterling, Virginia, hours after Darwin Martinez Torres allegedly struck her with a baseball bat, took her away, and killed her. One source said police found a woman’s pair of underwear near Hassanen’s body, and investigators are awaiting test results from vaginal swabs.

      When asked if Hassanen was raped, Fairfax County Police Department Lt. Col. Deputy Chief of Police Tom Ryan said at a Monday press conference: “There was an assault that occurred in Fairfax County and we had another assault that occurred in Loudoun County.”

      Torres, 22, is in Fairfax County jail custody for the attack on Hassanen. Torres, a national of El Salvador, entered the United States illegally, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement spokesperson Carissa Cutrell told The Daily Beast. Cutrell said ICE has asked to take custody of Torres after he’s released from Fairfax County jail.

      “It appears that the suspect became so enraged over this traffic argument that it escalated into deadly violence,” Fairfax County police spokeswoman Julie Parker said Monday. She added the case may be potentially prosecuted in Loudoun County “due to elements of the various crimes and where they occurred.”

      According to a preliminary investigation, sources said, Hassanen and a group of about 15 Muslim teenagers were walking and riding bikes back to the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) mosque in Sterling after leaving a nearby fast food restaurant at about 3:40 a.m. on Sunday.

      One boy in the group began arguing with Torres, the sources said, before one of the teens allegedly threw a drink at Torres’ vehicle.

      Torres drove his vehicle onto the curb as the teens scattered, the sources said. Witnesses told police that Torres chased part of the group, including Hassanen, with a metal baseball bat into a nearby McDonalds parking lot.

      Hassanen reportedly tripped over her abaya, which is when Torres caught up with her and struck her with the bat in the head, rendering her unconscious. Torres then allegedly dragged her body to his vehicle and drove to another location where police suspect he raped her.

      A source close to the investigation said Hassanen may have regained consciousness and resisted during the sexual assault before Torres struck her again. Autopsy results showed that Hassanen suffered blunt force trauma to the upper body.

      Hassanen’s body was later found in a pond.

      The Washington Post reported Hassanen was the first born of four daughters, a diligent and popular student who just finished 10th grade. The Hassanen family lived in a modest apartment near Washington, D.C., usually overflowing with friends and laughter.

      “It’s a family where if you’re feeling down and you need to laugh, this is where you go,” Samar Ali, 26, who grew up in the Hassanens' apartment complex told the Post.

      “Why would you kill a kid? What did my daughter do to deserve this?” her mother said to the Post.
      To sit down with these men and deal with them as the representatives of an enlightened and civilized people is to deride ones own dignity and to invite the disaster of their treachery - General Matthew Ridgway


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        Virginia allows capital punishment for "extraordinarily cruel murders and other serious offenses."

        I believe the actions of the 22-year-old male could (and would) fit that bill in a court of law *...unless of course having a soft drink thrown at one's vehicle in the wee hours of the morning would justify and excuse his actions towards the victim after she fell and was battered and taken (and possibly raped) prior to being drowned by the perp.

        * Surely not in my estimate, judgement (or biased opinion)
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        Real eyes realize real lies.


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          Originally posted by PeeCoffee View Post
          Virginia allows capital punishment for "extraordinarily cruel murders and other serious offenses."
          Nah, all 1st degree murders and these senseless murders deserve the death penalty. Extraordinarily cruel? How about you intentionally take a life you automatically lose your life no matter how many times you find God afterwards.