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How Japan has almost eradicated gun crime

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    Originally posted by astralis View Post
    haha, bonehead, make it sound like the US is just extraordinarily filled with violent criminals, the mentally ill, race violence, "religious warfare", gang violence, and nasty barbaric immigrants. the US isn't the only nation with the issues you name.

    that's why I brought up Australia. there's an immigrant nation that's fairly similar to the US, and they essentially got your magic wand right there. mass shootings completely stopped. -gun- violence went down sharply, overall violence also went down (but less so). suicides also went down.

    but in deference to this thread, i think we can end the debate here-- plenty of other threads to re-tread this topic, lol.

    Ok since you insist. Gun crimes was already on the decline in Australia and continued to fall after the about the same rate as in the U.S. which dramatically INCREASED the amount of guns. To be clear, with out a gun ban the number of violent crimes in the U.S has dropped to about 50% of what it was in the 1990's. Much of the violent crimes in the U.S are in big cities, mostly liberal and heavily gun controlled. Other crimes , ie, Assault robbery rape have actually increased in Australia. Many such crimes actually spiked right after the ban. A woman now is 3x more likely to be raped in Australia than in the U.S. Speaking of suicide, In Australia it actually peaked in 1998 ( 3 years after the ban), after a steady decline is now going back up. Austrailia has what 24 million people? How many are immigrants? The U.S. has nearly 1/2 the population of Australia in illegals alone. Are you really calling that an apples to apples comparison? Lastly, The U.S has 2.2 million convicts in prisons and we are still experiencing about 1.68 million violent crimes a year. Yeah, I would call that a problem.
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      Originally posted by kato View Post
      The answer to that is surprisingly actually yes. "Black gangs" would be Brazilian-Japanese, "Hispanic gangs" Filipino-Japanese (whose youth has adopted a localized version of Chicano culture). Both, along with Chinese, Koreans and Thais, run the "foreign" component of the drug crime scene in Japan.

      Among the Yakuza, Yamaguchi-gumi is also considered notable because it gained its size by absorbing other gangs and recruiting beyond ethnic lines, even elevating non-Japanese (mostly Chinese and Koreans i think) to leading positions.

      There's an interesting Time article from the late 90s that gives some background on Brazilians in Japan and an indication on why Brazilian-Japanese youths may join gangs. Most Brazilian-Japanese (not all, hence the Blacks) are ethnic Japanese from the emigration in the first half of the 20th century, but culturally they form a completely separate group that is largely ostracized in Japan and not integrated or assimilated at all. What the article doesn't say is that there is a considerable Brazilian-Japanese lower class where the kids drop out or don't even go to school in the first place because the parents can't pay the school fees or because of bullying, at best attending segregated language classes where they only meet similar-minded non-integrated kids; since the parents work (and in Japan that means till nightfall) the kids tend to hang out in the streets and hence quite easily fall into criminal behaviour. Brazilian-Japanese can be mostly found in smaller industrial towns, not the big cities, hence gangs forming still having some separation from the large yakuza-run empires.
      Japan is 98% Japanese. We have a black population of about 14% and about 50% of violent crimes are attributed to blacks. Extrapolate Japan to have a population of 14% Brazilians and you will get the picture. We also now have a large hispanic population but it is difficult to seperate them for crime statistics becaus they are often lumped in as "whites". Also keep in mind that in the U.S we have a gun culture. The people in the western pacific use blades and martial arts as a culture.
      Removing a single turd from the cesspool doesn't make any difference.