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  • War in the Pacific - Admiral's Edition

    I've been keeping an after-action report going for the last two month on my version of the Pacific War.

    Too much Iron in my Diet - Mundy(A) vs Cannonfodder(J)

    WITP-AE is a pretty deep simulation of World War II in the Pacific. Every ship, every airplane squadron, every land unit which saw service in the Pacific is there. One turn = one day. Map scale is 40 nMi per hex. Needless to say, playing this war can take as long as the real one did.

    My opponent (Cannonfodder) is from the Netherlands. Despite our 7 hour time zone difference, we still manage two turns per day on weekdays, with 3-4 on the weekend. Starting my work day at 0600 helps, I think. After two months of play, we're currently up to late March 1942. Over there, I'm Mundy, by the way.

    Logistics drives everything in this game. You have supplies and fuel. Fuel runs the ships and heavy industry, supplies the troops and air. The biggest thrill is being able to pull the trigger on an operation you've been spending months building up for.

    The Japanese have the ability to tailor their industry and production a bit. It's a very confusing mess, matching up airframes and engines. You can also halt or speed up particular ships on the ways. It's a whole separate campaign to run for that side. Without the Dutch East Indies, Japan's economy will grind to a halt. Taking it generally isn't an issue at this point of the war.

    The name of my AAR is in reference to the scenario name ("Ironman"). The Japanese get a rather healthy leg up on their starting situation. I think it's mainly extra destroyers and the fuel situation.


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    Nice brief. Amateurs discuss tactics. Professionals discuss logistics. Appears your opponent and you get the essence of the Pacific war. All about production and distribution.
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      This game hits the supply situation home pretty hard. Isolated troops with no supply will get run over fairly quickly.

      Every pilot in every squadron is kept track of. If you get a high quality pilot with a high kill count, you can rotate them home to help train all the scrubs right out of flight school.

      If I have a surface force I mean business with, I always assign Willis Lee to them. :)

      My opponent's no slouch with the Japanese, with his taking of Ceylon and Calcutta, along with the entire Australian north coast. Noumea's also under siege.