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Robin Williams dead.

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    One of the best actors specially in funny films.

    His first movie I saw was JumanJi and then Mrs Doubtfire.


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      You missed a lot if you haven't seen Dead Poets Club and Good Morning, Vietnam.

      Both not funny at all.
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        What Dreams May Come. And now the world would battle Hell if we could get him back.


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          This one just tugs at my heart. :)


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            As much as he made me laugh I was always most impressed by his dramatic roles such as in Insomnia and One Hour Photo. He was both a brilliant comic and a brilliant actor when given strong characters. The world is now a little less bright than it was.
            If you are emotionally invested in 'believing' something is true you have lost the ability to tell if it is true.


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              Robin, it hurt to know that you have left us. Thank you for your great movies, infact just a few weeks back I watched "Good Morning Vietnam".
              Hope you find peace. Bless your soul.

              Cheers!...on the rocks!!


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                Originally posted by 1980s View Post
                Saw my first movie of his at the cinema back in the early years of the 90s.

                Dead poet's society.
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                  First movie I remember...

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                    R.I.P. Depression gets another talent. Apart from Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting was also a good movie.
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                      A friend posted this online. As someone who has the misfortune to understand depression from the inside I find it is often hard to explain to someone how a person could reach the point where they no longer wish to live. This article offers one way to think about depression in a way that makes that easier to understand.

                      I tried to get the old friend to understand by using my go-to comparison in this conversation. I asked, "Well, what if it was cancer?" His answer came back like a clichèd line from an after-school special. He proclaimed, "Well, that you can't help!"

                      And therein, my friends, lies the problem in our dialogue on mental illness.

                      "Normal" people don't want to be considered or associated with "crazy people," and people who have experienced bouts of sadness or have overcome personal trauma tend to have a "get over it" attitude. Most people simply do not understand that their experience of extreme sadness during a few months of unemployment or after a death in the family is really akin to catching a bad cold; whereas having a Major Depressive Disorder is akin to being told that the tumor in your chest may not be benign.

                      What I believe people need to understand is that Robin Williams took his own life because he lost his battle with a serious medical condition. Take again my cancer analogy. Think about it: The last possible stage of any type of cancer that can effect a person is death. When one loses their battle with cancer, they die. The cancer cells take over and shut down the body for good. The same can be said for Bi-Polar Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder (aka simply "Depression"). The last possible stage of these diseases is death. The difference is that instead of cancer cells destroying the body, the body is destroyed instead by thoughts and feelings, causing the afflicted person to be convinced that the only way to end the suffering is through death at their own hands.

                      "Essentially, he had 'Thought Cancer'"

                      Win nervously lose tragically - Reds C C


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                        Thought cancer, HA! I don't think I have ever heard so much poppycock.

                        Robin Williams did not have a mental illness, in fact he had the complete opposite. Most comedians are sad, being funny is their way of turning attention off their reactions to life experiences. But not all. The really sane smart ones spend their life trying to help others. You can't be mentally ill choosing to committ your life for others. Requires copious insight.

                        Williams was not tricking his own life, he was doing something so much more admirable. He turned his attentions to alleviate other peoples suffering. He did good. He made movies he thought would make a difference, not an ego trip, not for money.

                        "In a mad world, only the mad are sane."
                        Akiro Kurosawa

                        "When the world goes mad, one must accept madness as sanity; since sanity is, in the last analysis, nothing but the madness on which the whole world happens to agree."
                        George Bernard Shaw