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Is your life like they show it in the pictures?

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  • Is your life like they show it in the pictures?

    Once upon a time, I lived in this complex:

    It was my first apartment home of my professional life, after spending years in college dorms, BOQ's, hotels, and ships. (well, there was a semester in a duplex inbetween dorms and graduation).

    The thing is, my place then NEVER looked like that and quite frankly, I don't think any place I ever had looked like that.

    At that particular complex, I had a ballet barre and mirror against the far wall. Steel half book shelves lining the left wall. A large crossed tube legged table against the screen door. Posters and calendars covered the wall. TV and VCR in the bed room and I think I had the compact stereo unit out in the living room, somewhere near that table.

    Sure, it was cheap, an example of a transitional life that was still part in college and then using the bucks being made. Mom & Dad eventually gave me a big desk chair (was using Pier One folding wooden chairs before (still have)), a field desk, and a butler's table to upgrade a little............although years later on a move, Mom noted that with that folding tube legged table I still had, I could use it as the dining room then fold it up against the wall to use the dining nook for exercise. Eventually ended up with two sofas, 1 small, 1 sleeper, from the family.

    But the thing is, my homes look like someone who has a life (even if a very cluttered one now). The home in this picture?

    Well, it looks like a place for someone just passing through.
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