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    Well done on the degree , married , nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo , giv ya head a shake :slap:


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      Originally posted by bigross86 View Post
      It took 3 years of long, grueling, hard work, lots of sleepless hours (without coffee), and loads upon loads of drinking, but last night I finally got my final grade on my final seminar paper and I officially have finished my B.A. studies, studying a double major of Communications and American Studies.

      Studying five days a week, and working in the few hours where I wasn't studying (and sometimes overlapping) and weekends, I was able to finish my degree with a final grade of 80.5 in Communications and 83 in American Studies.

      Now all that's left is for me to do what most college graduates do, find a job and get married. I found me a woman willing to marry me and we've set a date, so now I gotta find me a job. Anybody know of any decent job positions in the political/pro-Israel advocacy scene in Israel?

      And whatever you do, make sure you walk across that stage.

      Me, I've been through 4 of those ceremonies, and each time, though I hear people say "What's the point?", I am glad I did. For me, many might say that earning degrees is a hobby for me and something like that, they could be correct........................................... ......BUT..................................

      ................when I am in this gym or that, listening to other people in line, hearing what they did, I am both inspired the "next time" to go their route, glad I am there to share my accomplishments with theirs, and frankly, there is no place else I want to be at that moment.

      Enjoy your accomplishment and enjoy it's celebration!


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        Well done, Benny!

        It makes me proud to think the last 3 years where tankie, the colonel and I spent our precious hours educating you haven't gone to waste.

        But if you're going to get married, shouldn't we have that talk about the birds and the bees first?

        Congrats, Mr. Gross.
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          Nyyyettttt!! I guess this now leaves me as the only one on WAB still getting through an undergrad. Couldn't have waited a semester, could you Ben?

          Anyways, Congrats!!! And happy hunting!! (Jobs, that is).
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            Thanks, everyone!
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